Prince Sultan University Celebrates its Graduates at the First Annual Graduates Forum

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Bin Saleh Al Yamani, PSU Rector, the University held the first annual graduates' forum. The forum was attended by officials and faculty members of the university, with the participation of a large number of Prince Sultan University graduates and some of the professional bodies that offer jobs to the graduates. The aim of the first forum for university graduates is to introduce graduates of different graduation years to each other since the establishment of the university and strengthen their relations among them under the umbrella of Prince Sultan University. Noting that there is an annual forum for each college separately that has been held for five years. However, this forum brought together graduates of all the university colleges for the first time. It will be held every year in order to link graduates with their university and maintain their communication with it and with the colleges’ graduates together. It also aims at informing them about the witnessed developments in PSU over the years. Also informing the university about its graduate’s news and their achievements in their careers since they are its partners in success, and its representatives outside the university. Any graduate’s success is considered to be an additional value for the success and reputation of their university, Prince Sultan University. The forum is also an opportunity of graduates to cross-fertilization of ideas, opinions, opinions, proposals, and observations whether they are for the university, college or program that the graduate belongs to for the aim of continuing the progress of the university and contributing to its modernization and development in all levels, especially the scientific programs to keep Prince Sultan University abreast of the needs of the labor market that changes over time. At the end of the meeting, the University provides its graduates with Prince Sultan University Affiliation Card to maintain the relationship and to enjoy the advantages offered by this card. These advantages include using the university's sports and recreational facilities, having discounts on the various training workshops organized by the Community Service and Continuing Education Centers and on the products of some of the agencies that the university collaborates with, borrowing resources of the central library, using the university’s auditorium for the graduates evening activities and other features.