Community Services & Continuing Education

The PSU Center of Community Services & Continuing Education enables our students, families, and business community to improve their lives through a distinctive educational & training programs, projects & social activities focusing on & creating real benefits to fulfill people needs and wants.

We have the mission of building on the strength of our students, family and business community, to enable them to shape their futures through practical based educational / training programs & projects, recognizing that knowledge is power by which PSU serves people through its capacity as well as through cooperating with distinctive external resources.

Our students have the opportunity to be involved in designing, implementing and evaluating needs-driven programs( & projects) based on our creative & dynamic center which stimulates positive change leading to more productive students, families, and business community.

Eng. Ibrahim Al-Ghemlas
Director, Community Services & Continuing Education Center
Tel. 01-455 2709

First: Hierarchy of Organization:

The community service and continuous learning center is connected to the dean.

Second: The Objectives:
To strengthen the relationship between the university and the community by contributing in expanding religious, social, cultural and academic awareness, as well as complying with the needs of the community concerning training and rehabilitation programs, different educational seminars, that are harmonious with technological advancements, human capabilities and the modern communication systems.

Third: The Center's Activities:
The activities available at the center are within the following forms:
a Rehabilitation programs
b Training programs
c Continuous learning programs
d Improvement and training programs
e Seminars, symposiums and meetings
f Spreading cultural and academic awareness in the community

Fourth: Departments at the center:
Several departments are responsible for the activities taking place at the center. They are as follows:
1 The seminar and lecture unit:
This unit is in charge of all lectures and seminars performed for the sake of fulfilling the goals of the university towards the community.

2 The marketing and coordinating unit:
This unit supervises the marketing and coordination required for the programs and activities of the center.

3 The short program unit:
This unit seeks to host brief educational programs depending on the needs of the community.

4 The diploma unit:
This unit is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and executing the diplomas offered at the university as part of its plans for improvements.

Fifth: Center Council:
The council seeks to supervise the center's various affairs and activities. The center has its own board consisting of a general supervisor and four elected representatives chosen for their high qualifications and interest by the dean in an official announcement stating that the elected board is in charge for one academic year. The board will be responsible for the following issues:

a Recommending activities for the center
b Agreeing to proposals submitted in relation to the center's activities
c Agreeing on the budget allocated for each activity
d Studying all issues submitted to the center and commenting on them

Sixth: The assigned duties to the coordinator of the program:
The coordinator at a learning or training department at the center is in charge of organizing and supervising the carried out programs. This includes:
1 Supervising the preparation of the content for the programs and conventions with the cooperation of the teaching and training staff.

2 Continuous coordination with the community and continuous learning center.

3 Organizing the halls, labs, workshops and educational aids required by the community service programs according to the program's schedule.

4 Printing the advertising material/leaflets concerning each program with the help of the involved units in each department.

5 Distributing the leaflets of each program to all the beneficiates.

6 Receiving applications from interested participants for the programs or training courses.

7 Supervising the attendance of the participants in the programs of each department.

8 Preparing the final registration papers for the accepted participants and distributing them to the departments in charge and sending a copy of these to the center.

9 Supervising the availability of the raw materials and educational requirements.

10 Supervising the programs and courses according to the specified time schedule.

11 Revising and sending the number of participated hours, which the teaching and training staff and other participants have spent in working on any program after confirming them with the administrator in charge of the host department and then following up on their financial dues.

12 Organizing the necessary arrangements for the concluding celebration of any program.

13 Distributing and collecting questionnaires prepared by the department in charge to the participants in programs and courses, as well as analyzing and writing a final report on them. This should be sent along with the original applications to the center.

14 Following up the process of writing the specified documents and certificates for each program as well as revising, and distributing them.

15 creating a handout of one page that advertises each program. This should include the title, subject matter, objectives, date/duration a required fees. This can be sent out by fax to beneficiates in both public and private sectors.

16 Being in charge of registering the applicants for the intended programs and collecting the fees by cashing them to the center's account. This is done on the featured band deposit coupons where the following information is recorded: the name of the participant, the name of the course/program, fees required and the account number of the center. The participant is asked to submit the sum directly into the center's account and his participation is valid only when he presents a stamped receipt from the bank. It is also possible to pay by a check written to the Center of Community Service and Continuous Learning at the university which should then be submitted into the center's account.

Seventh: Required fees for the programs:
The following points should be taken into consideration when hosting any program at the center:

1 The required fees for each participant should be paid in advance; i.e. before beginning the program.

2 The participants are entitled to a complete refund if a program is postponed or cancelled.

3 The participant is entitled to a 90% percent refund if he decides to withdraw before the beginning of the program.

4 If a participant wishes to withdraw from a program in progress, he is entitled to a 50% refund only. However, the refund is denied if more than 20% of the program has already been attended at the time of the withdrawal.

5 If the participant withdraws after attending 20% of the program he is not entitled to any refund.

6 A participant does not receive a certificate for attendance or achievement if he is absent for more than 20% of the program.

Eighth: Presenting certificates:
The Community Service and Continuous Education Center is in charge of a unit which produces certificates (of achievement and attendance) concerning all participants in the center's programs in each department. This requires that the community service coordinator of each department complete the necessary data on the forms requested at the end of each program in clear print, and then send it to the center after the end of the programs. Certificates will only be issued to participants whose fees have been redeemed and secured in the center's account.

Ninth: Student and staff members joining in the programs:
Staff members and students from the university are to be treated as follows when applying to participate in any of the programs at the center:
1 Elected staff members from the university are to be accepted, free of charge, on the condition that seats are still available in the hosted programs and only if the minimum number of participants required to carrying out a program have applied/registered.

2 Staff members, who have not been elected from the university and wish to attend a certain program at the community service and continuous education center, are charged 70% of the required fees for the program regardless of the number of staff members participating in this program.

3 Students who wish to attend programs at the Community Service and Continuous Education Center are charged 70% of the required fees.

Tenth: Cooperating with foreign organizations:
The center is entitled to sign agreements and contracts with other training facilities or institutions (abroad or inside the Kingdom) to cover any shortage concerning activities as in trainers, training packages, illustrative aids, and tapes. Contracts and agreements can also be signed if these authorities wish to employ facilities at the University. The University's costs and profits are decided upon the signing of any contracts with the recommendation of the director of the center and the consent of the dean..

Programs hosted for the benefit of private cooperation or government sectors are decided upon according to their requests. A budget for program requirements is then determined by the hosting department. The budget should include the wages for constructers and the coordinator, preparation requirements, administrative work, materials and so on, according to regulations, on the condition that the cost needed by the hosting department does not exceed the 80% of the profits from the program. The budget distribution should confirm the former issues already agreed upon. As for any excess profit, which consists of 20% of the proceeds, this is to be given to the community center. The budgets for private programs will also be distributed in this manner and allocated directly by the center in accordance to the previously mentioned regulations. 


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