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To become one of the regional leading innovative centres in various areas and to support commercialization of applied research by bridging the gap between the industry market, community and academia


To strengthen PSU's own KNOW HOW in related fields and to serve the National priorities for development and foster knowledge oriented industry and community through PSU expertise.

Prince Sultan University is planning to meet number of the challenges raised by the Saudi Vision 2030 and its initiatives in many related areas by establishing the “PSU Innovation Centre”. The centre will focus on some of the related initiatives addressed by the 2030 Vision such as Digital Infrastructure Development, Health Related Issues, Low Cost Communication Network for Internet of Things (IoT) Applications, Renewable Energy and last but not least supporting and motivating Saudis by establishing and support business incubators and business entrepreneurship.
These initiatives can be addressed through specialized research and innovative units at PSU Innovation Centre in many diverse fields as Information Technologies, Engineering Applications, Business and Management to contribute to the challenges raised by these initiatives and to participate in enhancing the Saudi Vision by delivering some of the promising results.

The following units will be operating under the umbrella of the Innovation Centre:
Data Mining Unit
Major parts of the 2030 Vision saw the light because of the data coming from the General Authority for Statistics. Since the data is already available in the general authority, ministries, government entities, data mining applications can be used to derive educated predictions, to achieve better informed decision. The needs and potential of the Kingdom can be derived from such rich data available. The unit also can advise on what kind of data are missing and should be collected. The Saudi Vision 2030 discusses several targets. These targets can be tracked and monitored on quarterly basis using data mining techniques.
This unit will build on its predecessor the MEGDAM Centre and be in continuous operation as an integral part of the Innovation Centre. It will bring together faculty expertise and research in Social Web Mining, Big Data Analytics, Marketing and Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and other related areas.

Cybersecurity Unit
One target of the Saudi vision 2030 is Digital Infrastructure Development. Public-private partnerships are highlighted in the Vision as a method to develop the telecom and information technology sectors in the Kingdom. The commitments include strengthening the governance of digital transformation through a national council, and supporting local investments in telecom and information technology. Cybersecurity is a vital component of any digital transformation in terms of protecting the data and the infrastructure, which will be a major concern for government, public, and private sectors. Cyber-attacks have grown in the last decade, consequently innovative countermeasures are necessary to handle and cope with such attacks. Preparing and educating Saudi employees is also a vital part in this digital transformation movement.
This unit will motivate, educate and train the next generation of cybersecurity researchers and professionals in cyber technologies and systems. The unit will foster several collaborations with national and international security research groups and centres, governmental agencies, companies and academic institutions with the purpose of excellence in security solutions outcomes. Overall, the Cybersecurity Unit aims to contribute significantly by providing educational, research, outreach, and partnering security services nationally and internationally.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics Unit
One of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program is coming up with a Low Cost Communication Network for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT applications span several areas of the Saudi Vision, Health, Energy Consumption, Security Monitoring, etc. These applications can be also used in the concept of smart housing, smart campus, and smart workplace.
Establishing a professional research environment in the Robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) will contribute to 2030 initiative. It will pursue and attract external research funds and grants from industry and external research programs by providing consultation service as well as developing IoT solutions and providing training services for Saudi Market.

Engineering Applications Unit
One of the initiatives of the National Transformation Program for the Ministry of Labour and Social Development is to empower persons with disabilities to facilitate access higher education and jobs. The focus here is on providing those in need with artificial devices (prostheses). This unit will contribute to this initiative through the implementation of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Development Applications.
Other related Applied Engineering Applications will be added at a later stage to contribute to other engineering related initiatives, e.g. Renewable Energy, Network Security and Manufacturing Processes. The objective is to discover the hidden potential in these areas en route to advances in industry and business.

Entrepreneurship Unit
Another very important initiative of the National Transformation Program is establishing and supporting business incubators and business entrepreneurship centres. Awareness programs on investments and entrepreneurship for high schools and universities will be developed; freelance and business entrepreneurial culture will be cultivated. This unit will work to offer the required entrepreneurial support to PSU students and alumni to recognize and groom their entrepreneurial potentials

CMGA (Capital Market, Governance and Accountability) Unit
The second theme of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 entails “Thriving Economy” with Rewarding Opportunities as stated in the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. This “will require the formation of an advanced financial and capital market open to the world, allowing greater funding opportunities and stimulating economic growth. To this end, we will continue facilitating access to investing and trading in the stock market”. Some of the major goals include Learning for Working, Boosting Small Businesses and Productive Families, Provide Equal Opportunities, and Attract the Needed Talents and Openness for Business to improve the business environment.
To address this theme, the CMGA Unit will offer training, give workshops, provide consultancy and do research on Corporate Governance, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Zakah and Tax, Risk Management, Financial Performance, Internal Control, Corporate Social Responsibility, Accounting Profession for Women, Auditing, Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Accounting Standards for SME. The unit will also offer insights into improving the transparency and accountability of financial information.

The major Saudi policymakers, i.e. Tadawul, SOCPA, CMA, SAMA, and Kafalah Program (supported by the Ministry of Finance) will benefit from the CMA unit research and facilitate their making decisions. The key objective is to foster relationships with the Accountancy and Finance professions, government departments, standard setters and other national and international policymakers.

Consultation and Development Unit
The Professional Development Unit will be the training arm for the PSU-IC and it was established to assist both individuals and businesses in keeping pace with the rapid development of computing technologies, and would offer a variety of intensive certificate programs designed for ICT professionals, who wish to learn new technologies and upgrade their skills in a short amount of time, as well as offering other training courses in other specialized areas based on PSU available specializations from all discipline.

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