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University Libraries (Central Library and Women Library) are advantageous and exciting gathering places to draw on their diverse holdings of more than (66319) volumes of print and downloaded electronic resources according to Symphony database statistical report of April 2013, in addition to more than (101257) online full-text e-books covered in our subscription databases; besides (102 ) print periodical subscriptions, and more than (70433) online full-text e-journals covered in our SDL subscription databases, and (2582) free and open access e- journals to read, to study, to learn, and to use cutting-edge information technologies, and to pursue scholarly research.

This rich array of traditional and electronic resources comprises books, references, reports, government and continuous information resources, predominantly selected and updated by faculty, organized according to latest international standards and available at your disposal.

In their quality information user-oriented services emphasizing relevance, speed and convenience, together with continuously developed resources, PSU Libraries serve as an indispensable partner with other university institutions, contributing vigorously to the accomplishment of the university mission and goals.

You are invited to visit the libraries, to explore their websites, to communicate with us through social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and through our Central Library Mobile Web Interface, and to utilize client-tailored services our capable professional librarians enjoy to offer. You may contact librarians via e-mail, phone, or through our website facilities.

Director, PSU Central Library
Prof. Dr. Fouad Hamad Farsuni

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