Intramural Sports Program

The Prince Sultan University recognizes the importance of a strong athletics program. In addition to the physical education courses which are part of the General Education program, the PHER Department supervises a full program of intramural sports in which all students and employees are encouraged to participate.

The program continues throughout the school year and includes some major competitive sports.


· To serve as an extension or laboratory ground of the required or instructional program.
· To motivate students to exercise after academic school hours.
· To provide opportunity for hours of rigorous activity essential for normal growth and development.
· To provide supervision for competition.
· To serve as an opportunity to help broaden the base of recruitment for potential PSU varsity players.

Academic Clubs Non-Academic Clubs
Financial Management Club Tennis Club
Integrity Club Reading Club
Computer Club Trip Club
Structural Engineering Club Oawn: Volunteering Club
Marketing Club Creativity & Entrepreneurship Club
Production & Manufacturing Engineering Club Cultural Club
Revolution of Technological Club
English Club
Poetry Club
Cinema Club
Development Club
Theater Club
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