• From my experience as BS in finance program who graduated from PSU, I decided to peruse my MBA in finance program in PSU for many reasons on top of them its reputation in the Middle East. I, also, liked its approach in Finance program, which took me beyond theory. I have learnt to apply my knowledge through experience like giving presentation, business and financial analysis skills, working with spirit of the team and active involvement in our lectures.

    Fahad Abdullah Bin Jomah
    Graduation (2013-2014)
    Major: Finance

  • “I can express my experience with the Marketing Department at PSU in two words: Professionalism factory.
    The qualified instructors planted in us the marketing skills that are important and required in labor market. They made us skillful and knowledgeable. Thanks so much to the Marketing Department team, thanks so much PSU.”

    Sager Al-Mohisen
    Graduation (2013-2014)
    Major: Marketing

  • “The BS in Accounting Program is very compatible with the market. The program is designed according to the market needs. The degree enabled me to take on the added responsibilities I needed to advance my career. Overall, I think the graduates of BS in Accounting program have competitive advantage over others”

    Mohamed Ziad Yaghi
    Graduation (2013-2014)
    Major: Accounting

  • "The BS in Aviation management Program was established to fulfil the demand in the market. The curriculum of the program has a very high capability to get a long with the needs of aviation market and it did. The wide range of learning resource and the qualified faculty were very helpful for developing my skills and knowledge. I really enjoyed having different courses during studying years that express what i will face in the real world. I’m definitely sure that graduates of BS in aviation management have competitive advantage over others."

    AbdelAziz Ateeq Binablan
    Graduation (2016-2017)
    Major: Aviation and Management