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Saturday 07 December 2019  |   | 


Rector Message

​Marhaba! Welcome to Prince Sultan University!​​I am greatly honored and humbled to serve as the Rector of Prince Sultan University. 

PSU is, truly proud, proud to be directly linked to one of the milestone changes in the Higher Education System in Saudi Arabia, and that is the establishment of private higher education. The university was founded in 1999 by the Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Science, under the auspices of The Custodian of The Two Holly Mosques King Salman Ben Abdul-Aziz. The university was established in dedication to the late Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz. 

PSU was launched with the vision of becoming the leading non-profit private university in the Kingdom and the Middle-East Region. Its aspiration was and still is to provide quality higher education on par with that found in reputable institutions 

throughout the world. And in many respects, we are on course in the journey to achieve our vision. Our progress toward that end is manifested by PSU’s good reputation of its graduates in the workplace. Our commitment to provide the highest quality undergraduate programs has produced quality graduates. We are confident that PSU alumni will continue to play leading roles in the current and coming generations of professionals in the Kingdom in the realms of business, IT, engineering, jurisprudence and humanities. 

Now in its second decade, the university expanded from three to five colleges: College of Business Administration (CBA), College of Computer and Information Sciences (CCIS), College of Engineering (CE), College of Law (CL), College of Humanities (CH). 

The CBA and CCIS undergraduate degree programs enroll students of both the university's campuses with one exception. The CBA offers BS degrees in Accounting, Finance and Marketing to all, with the BS in Aviation Management offered only on the Campus for Men. Bachelors programs in Computer Science, Information Systems and Software Engineering open to all CCIS students. 

The CE degree programs are differentiated by campus. On the Campus for Women, the offerings are BS in Architecture and BS in Interior Design. On the Men's campuses there are three undergraduate degree options: Communications and Networks Engineering, Engineering Management - Construction, and Engineering Management - Production and Manufacturing. 

The Campus for Women houses the CL and CH as well. The first offers a BA in Law featuring a choice of three areas of specialization: Commercial Law, International Law, or Advanced Saudi Law. The Humanities College currently offers BAs in Applied Linguistics and Translation. 

At the graduate level the CBA offers a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), the CCIS a MS in Software Engineering (MSE), and the CL an Ms in Commercial Law. On the horizon the CCIS MS in Cyber Security and the CL are in the works and will soon be operationalized. 

As the catalog of PSU degree programs grows so too will the infrastructure: the buildings and facilities on the PSU adjoining campuses. Work is nearing completion on the Men’s Campus Orientation Building and on the Women’s Campus Recreational Building, and structures dedicated to each College to follow as integral parts of PSU forthcoming new campus. 

I invite you all young men and women to visit our campuses and explore them as they grow. Better yet for those of you nearing college age. I would like you to come and become a part of the University. 

As we did throughout our first decade, we will continue to provide the youth of the Kingdom, Saudis and Non-Saudis, with pathways – lined and lit up with challenges, opportunities, and adventure –to bright rewarding futures. For more details, please explore our Website at 

Dr. Ahmed Yamani 

PSU Rector​