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Requirements & Deadlines

Please read the following instructions carefully before applying online.

( Students must contact the Admissions office at 014948888 - Male Colleges)

1.The student has to sit the aptitude exam (Qeyas) conducted by the National Center for Assessment in Higher Education. (This exam is required for graduates of regular (Arabic-Speaking) Saudi high schools). For more information about this exam, please visit Graduates of International (Non-Arabic Speaking) Schools are recommended to take either the "English" version of the "Qeyas" test or SAT I exam, in order for them to be eligible to apply for a PSU scholarship.

2. The student needs to fill the application-for-admission form (ONLINE or at the Information Desk of the Deanship of Admissions and Registration).

3. The student has to pay the application fee, either: 

- cash at the Student’s Accounting Office on campus, 

- or deposit the fee at the PSU Bank 

(Men's college account)

SAMBA Bank, King Abdullah Branch

(265 – 0630 – 884)

(SA3040000-00000-2650630-884) ​

or Account # 2120844469940 Riyadh Bank, Al-Takhassussi Branch (for the Women's College) 

and submit the receipt to the Student Accounting Office.

(The application fee is non-refundable). The fee can be paid before the Entrance Exam day.

4. The student has to attend the Entrance Exam in the date and time specified by the Deanship of Admission and Registration. Students who earn excellent scores in the exam will be eligible to take the Preparatory Year Program (PYP) promotion exams. Students who pass the PYP promotion exams with high scores may be exempted from part or all of the PYP.

Required Documents

Students applying to join Prince Sultan Private University should submit the following documents :

1. The student must keep sufficient copies of all documentation submitted to university, before submitting them.

2. One copy of the original general secondary school certificate.

3. One copy of the Qeyas (or SAT I) score. 

4.One copy of the National identification document.

5. A good conduct certificate issued by the school from which the applicant has graduated.

6. Four (4) recent 4x6 cm photographs.

7. An official document from the workplace granting permission for the applicant to study at PSU. (Only in cases where the applicant is in employment).

Admission Criteria & Requirements

A student applying to study for a B.Sc. degree in any of the majors offered by Prince Sultan University should satisfy the following conditions: 

1. Has a general Saudi secondary school (high school) certificate (natural sciences, or social and administrative sciences) or equivalent. Those students who have their high school diplomas from administration major can join the Finance, Marketing and Accounting department only. High school diplomas earned outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be approved by the Ministry of Education in Riyadh.

2. Pass the University Entrance Exam.

3. Be a full-time student; part-time enrolment is not permitted.

4. Has a record of good conduct.

5. If an applicant is public or private sector employee, he should obtain written approval to study from his workplace. 

6. Satisfy other conditions stipulated by the board of PSU and announced at the time of application.

7. To pass the medical check-up.

8. The student should have earned his high school diploma within the past five years. 

The academic aptitude of applicants is based on their secondary school average, Qeys (or SAT I) scores, and the results of the Entrance Exam. 

Transfer Criteria

Students can be admitted at PSU as Transfer Students based on the following criteria:

1. The student must be currently enrolled at a university that is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Riyadh.

2. Only courses with (C) grade or better can be transferred.

The Academic Transfer committee will decide the courses that can be transferred based on the concerned department’s evaluation of the course contents.

3. The Maximum number of credit hours that can be transferred (beyond the PYP) is 34 credit hours. 

Required Documents

1. Official Saudi Arabian High School Diploma, or an equivalent high school diploma. (High school diplomas issued outside Saudi Arabia, must be accredited by the Ministry of Education in Riyadh).

2. Official Transcript from the student’s current university.

3. Official and detailed course- description of the courses taken by the student.

NOTE: Applications are for the Preparatory Year Program (PYP). Students can join a particular degree program after passing the PYP.

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