​​​​​​​Applying for Academic Scholarship​

Scholarships offered by the university for the academic year 2017 – 2018 (Bachelors and Masters Degree)

 (Male scholarship brochure​/Female scholarship brochure)​

 Required documents and application steps​

 Required documents:

  • Bachelor's degree scholarships: a copy of admission letter to PSU with student ID number, high school certificate, and general aptitude test (GAT).
  • Master's degree: a copy of the letter of admission to PSU with student ID number and bachelor's degree certificate.

Scholarship Application Steps (Full or Partial):

  1. Apply to PSU and acquire a student ID number.
  2. Fill out the application form at the scholarship office.
  3. Pay tuition fees after the discount and provide the scholarship office with a copy of the receipt. 

 The application date for scholarships:

  • Applying for the scholarships start at the beginning of the university admission period and continues to accept applications until scholarship seats are all taken or when the admission period ends.

Students who meet the conditions of scholarships are accepted according to the date of their application and available seats.