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Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

The Master in Engineering Management program (MEM) is designed to accelerate the development of engineering management skills among Professional in the area Engineering, Computing, Architecture and Design. This program will not only help professionals to become managers but will also help them to exploit the potential synergies between engineering and management sciences and to leverage both their technical and managerial capabilities in solving sophisticated management problems.  This is what distinguishes this program from MBA programs and what distinguishes future managers with the ever increasing sophistication of organizations that demand analytics and problem solving skills in articulating management decisions.

MEM is designed as a flexible, high-quality postgraduate qualification for professionals with an engineering and technical background.

Typical students come from a broad range of technical disciplines and industrial sectors and vary in age and work experience, but they all share a commitment to enhance their management skills while exploiting their technical know-how to become future engineering and technical managers. Targeted sectors include engineering and technology firms, architecture and design firms, energy sector organizations and health providers, to name a few.


To be a leading Engineering Management program that is recognized locally and internationally for quality education and developing future leaders.


To provide accessible education in the theory and application of engineering management that prepares participants for successful careers in industry, government, and academia aligned and inspired by the Saudi Vision transformative programs.​


  • Thinking strategically while respecting engineering principles.
  • Addressing managerial problems from an engineering point of view.
  • Developing innovative approaches for management decisions.
  • Understanding how to manage an ever changing technology base.
  • Developing a systems approach to problem and/or opportunity definition.


  • Prepare participants for a lifelong career addressing the critical technical and managerial needs of private and public organizations.
  • Emphasize developing analytic abilities, making better decisions, developing and executing strategies, and leading people who innovate.
  • Use basic engineering concepts flexibly in a variety of contexts.
  • Apply knowledge, skills and techniques of engineering and management to execute contemporary projects and operations effectively and efficiently.
  • Understand the concepts and application of good management practices to foster innovation and sustain global competitiveness.
  • Demonstrate leadership and effective communicate skills.


  • Management Consultant                           ▪              Senior Lead Business Analyst
  • Project Management Engineer                 ▪              Cost Systems Analyst
  • Project Management Office                      ▪              Senior Lead Business Analyst
  • Operations Manager                                    ▪              Construction Management Engineer
  • Industrial Management Engineer           ▪              Construction Project Engineer​

Program at a Glance

The program is delivered over four semesters.

Classes conducted between 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (evening classes) on weekdays.

Admission is currently available for the Fall Semester (September).

The program is 30 credit hours. ​