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Dean Message

Dean Message

 It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to the College of Law at Prince Sultan University. It was in 2006, that the law program has been launched. The law program at PSU is a unique experience for our students and teachers alike. It is one of the first law programs in Saudi Arabia to have a blend of both English and Arabic. Traditionally the law studies have been offered only in Arabic. The Law Program was established to meet the growing need of the Saudi society to have a stable supply of highly qualified legal professionals. Globalization, the explosion of new information technologies and the economic prosperity of Saudi Arabia, resulting in increased commercial activities, has significantly increased the demand for legal services across the country and has made competition for top law graduates more intense.

PSU boasts a very strong faculty and student community and at the College of Law we do whatever it takes to ensure the best possible outcomes in our program. In pursuit of this, our faculty are always encouraged to produce cutting edge research in the changing legal environment. The College of Law is proud to have one of the finest and most diverse communities of Faculty Members. For our teachers, serving at PSU is a commitment to leadership, excellence and justice. They have proved beyond doubt that they can achieve all these three. They are committed to instruction that doesn't embrace the legal doctrine and theory, but it goes also to the human qualities; the importance of character, integrity and collegiality.

Our students have also become the evidence of hard work and they have accomplished many milestones in this short period of our existence. Many of our students have been employed by highly reputed international law firms, others have gone forward to complete their Masters degrees in Ivey League universities and have passed bar exams in many countries. This shows the intellectual rigor of the College of Law and the quality of the legal education offered. For our students, Life at PSU is hard work and a life changing experience. The College of Law at PSU has a commitment towards society - to raise the standards for training global legal leaders. We have lived up to it so far and we will live up to it in the future.

Our commitment to quality can also be seen in our efforts to get local as well as the international accreditations. PSU Law School is the first one to get program accreditation from NCAAA. This was achieved through hard work and determination. The accreditation itself as we see it is a millstone and has opened more doors for the PSU community. We feel that our goals are much higher than getting ourselves accredited. We aspire to and we will be the leaders that other institutions would follow. So far our actions and results have proved this aspiration and our hard work would ensure that we keep on achieving different milestones.

Dean of law College

Dr. Ayed Sultan Albagumi