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About Program


The MBA program involves schooling in business basics, obtaining comprehensive knowledge of the profession's disciplines, and specializing in one of its major fields. The program begins with a sequence of foundation courses, followed by a range of intermediate discipline-specific courses, and concludes with coursework in a specialized major field (e.g. Finance, Marketing). Textbook and lecture learning is deepened and enriched by simulation of practical applications of such knowledge. Students with little or no work experience undertake internship programs and acquire real-world business experience and establish rapport with the Riyadh business community with prospects of future employment.

The MBA professional graduate program is thus structured to cultivate analytical skills and infuse managerial decision‐making expertise. Emphasis is on developing the ability to evaluate business and organizational situations with competency, insight, and creativity. The CBA Masters degree program employs an active learning process, one that allows aspiring young business executives to work in specialized areas and sectors armed with the necessary tools of conceptual, interpersonal and problem‐solving skills. In brief, PSU MBA graduates are ready and able to make informed and creative judgments vis‐à‐vis business policy and operations in the real world outside the classroom.

Program Features and Benefits

The MBA program will foster lifelong learning through continuing professional education programs. The program will allow you to integrate diversity, globalization, and ethics throughout the core curriculum. This will enable our students to develop their abilities to provide leadership while working within teams. At the same time, students will be able to solve complex and unstructured business problems.

Key Features include the following:

  •  A rigorous, relevant, team-oriented curriculum is designed to foster both analytical skills and leadership qualities. 

  •  Customized MBA curriculum tailored to meet an array of specific career needs. 

  •  Flexible program design that allows students set their own pace. 

  •  Strong and experienced faculty offering first-class teaching, advising and consultation. 

  •  A supportive environment based on small class size. 

  •  Opportunities to interact with business executives of various business corporations. 

  •  MBA program's collaborative culture imbued with strong work ethics prompts bonding among students, faculty, and business executives.

Program at a Glance

  • The program is 21 months in length 

  •  Classes meet from 6 pm to 9 pm during the work week. 

  •  Admission is currently available for the fall semester (September). 

  •  The program is 36 credit hours. 

  •  Degree awarded is an MBA. 

  •  Scholarships and financial aid are available if certain conditions are satisfied.