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The Research and Community Outreach Committee & Research Group

The Marketing Program envisions to be a dynamic and leading program that transforms students into future marketing leaders and practitioners.

MISSION: The Research and Community Outreach Committee is established to promote and support Marketing Department faculty members and its students to foster and sustain their academic leadership in marketing science and marketing research, and develop effective collaborations with external publics.

VISION: The committee is aiming to become a Center for Marketing Research and Community Outreach by developing and strengthening relations with industry, academic institutions and other stakeholders in order to advance frontiers of marketing education, science and practices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. 

Much of the Group's research can be categorized according to seven key themes:

Marketing Strategy and branding

Services sectors analysis

Entrepreneurial marketing and consumer research Digital marketing and analytics Islamic marketing Cross-cultural and international marketing Social media marketing

Our groups services for external stakeholders:

  • Customized research projects for the Industry and government. Our research group has capabilities to conduct customized research project for the companies seeking advice in the areas of marketing planning and strategy, social media and digital marketing, consumer behavior and international marketing.
  • Development of customized training. Based on the training needs our experts will provide services in designing, organizing, testing and training your company’s employees in the areas of marketing.
  • Research Collaborations with other Universities. We are welcoming universities in the Kingdom and outside for collaborative research projects. Our faculty portfolio and profiles are available for the review.
  • Organization of Conferences with focus on modern practices: Leading keynote speaker are invited to give talks on latest practices and analysis of the marketing industry accompanied with cocktail hour for networking. The conference exposes students and business professionals to current issues in marketing and provides an excellent forum for networking.
  • Corporate presentations and recruitment events: Guest speakers and faculty are hosted to discuss different areas trends and topics in marketing. Corporate representatives make their presentations about their businesses in order to identify and attract students for job openings and COOPs.
  • Alumni Database and Alumni Events This extensive database provides a listing of contacts for a variety of companies. You will be able to interact with recent graduates from various industries and Marketing Group members.
  • Marketing Competitions and idea generation workshops: You will have the opportunity to compete for awards by participating in a corporate-sponsored case competitions, based on a real-life marketing situations