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Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Admission Criteria

Admission Requirements: 

  1. The applicant must hold a Bachelor degree in the computing area or a closely related discipline from a university recognized by the Ministry of Education in KSA. 

  2. An applicant will be considered for admission in the MSE program if his/her Undergraduate B.Sc. performance is 'very good' (B) or above. However, based on guidelines of the MOE, this condition can be waived for 'upper good' (C+) given that the computed “Specialization GPA is 'very good' (B)" or above. 

  3. The mode of delivery of the obtained degree should be “Full-Time". 

  4. Undergraduate degrees in Colleges of Education and non-technical Colleges are not accepted. 

  5. The applicant must submit English language proficiency test results. A minimum score of 520 on the paper-based TOEFL, 70 on the Internet-based TOEFL (IBT) or 6.0 on the General IELTS shall be obtained. 

  6. In addition, an English Proficiency interview must be conducted by a faculty member. Based on the interview, The student can be exempted from the minimum score above if he/she obtained a minimum of 500 on the paper-based TOEFL and passed satisfactorily the following components: 

  7. The level of the communication ability in the English ranking interview. 

  8. The ability to translate a chosen Arabic text paragraph to English. 

  9. The ability to write a paragraph in English as an answer to an IT related technical question. 

  10. To pass the “Admission Interview" conducted by the department. 

  11. To fulfill any extra conditions and regulations. 

Required Documents: 
The following documents are needed when applying for admission: 

  • Electronic Application Form (filled on PSU e-gate) 

  • Identical copy of the applicant undergraduate degree (stamped) 

  • Identical copy of the applicant academic transcript (in English and stamped) 

  • For degrees from outs ide KSA, certificate of equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education in KSA is required 

  • TOEFL or IELTS Exams result 

  • Copy of applicant ID or Valid residence permit for non-Saudi 

  • Photocopy of the Passport ​

  • Three new personal photos 

  • Recent Curriculum Vita 

  • Professional Certificate and Training if there are any 

  • Receipt of paid registration fees from students accounts office. 

Application Procedures 
Step 1: Applicants should submit the completed application form with all documents as mentioned above by filling an online application at PSU website 
Step 2: Applicants admission committee will review the application to determine the applicant's suitability for the program. The review criteria include mainly the prior academic performance, TOEFL score, and referees' recommendations 
Step 3: After the initial review in Step 2, the committee will publish a short-list of candidates 
Step 4: The short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview 
Step 5: A final merit list of candidates will be prepared based on the prior academic results, TOEFL score and the result of the interview 
Step 6: Offers of admission will be given to candidates according to the merit list and subject to the availability of seats in the MSE classes each semester. 

If any candidate remains on the merit list but an admission is not offered, he/she will be kept on the waiting list for admission for any vacancy that may arise before the start of the semester. Offers of admission could be provisional or final