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Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Degree Requirements

​A candidate will be considered for the award of the Master's degree in Cybersecurity if he/she completed the requirements shown in table 3 below. As clear from the table, the total number of credit hours required depends on the option taken. 

Table 3: Degree Requirements 

OptionCourse WorkAdditional RequirementsTotal
Thesis Option24 credit hoursThesis (6 credit hours)30
Research Project Option30 credit hoursFinal Project (6 Credits)36
Pure Course Option42 credit hoursN?A42

The maximum period for completing the course is four academic years. Theoretically, there is no restriction on the minimum period to complete the course, but three semesters will be reasonable for regular students. 

​Admission Requirements 
  • The applicant must hold a Bachelor degree in the computing area or a closely related discipline from a university recognized by the Ministry of Education in KSA. 
  • An applicant will be considered for admission in the MSE program if his/her Undergraduate B.Sc. performance is 'very good' (B) or above. However, based on guidelines of the MOE, this condition can be waived for 'upper good' (C+) given that the computed “Specialization GPA is 'very good' (B)". 
  • The mode of instruction of the obtained degree should be “Full-Time". 
  • Undergraduate degrees in College of Education and non-technical Colleges are not accepted. 
  • All applicants are required to take TOEFL: the minimal score needed is 520 PBT (68 IBT) or IELTS minimum 5.5. However, based on results of the departmental interview, this condition can be waived for students having English as their medium of study in their undergraduate institutes. ​
  • To pass the “Admission Interview" conducted by the department. 
  • To fulfill any extra conditions and regulations decided by the Office of Admission and Registration​