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Wednesday 19 June 2019  |   | 

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Objectives and Outcomes

​Objectives  ​
  1. Prepare highly qualified, industry-ready specialists and professionals in the area of Cybersecurity. 
  2. Cover the conceptual and practical aspects of Cybersecurity. 
  3. Develop and promote research skills in the area of Cybersecurity 
  4. Empower students with the abilities and skills to cope with emerging technologies and approaches in the area of Cybersecurity. 
  5. Develop a deep appreciation for Cybersecurity and empower students with the skills and techniques needed to build secure information systems. 
  6. Develop and promote the skills needed to perform practical security assurance tasks, vulnerability mitigation, intruder detection, risk analysis …etc. 
  7. ​Develop and promote the skills needed to design and build secure networks. 

Learning Outcomes 
  1. The ability to define and use security models to abstractly describe security properties of computer and communication systems in the face of current, emerging, and potential threats. 
  2. The ability to explain cryptographic techniques and primitives, and be able to use them in providing security guarantees. 
  3. The ability to describe and use tools for preserving the privacy of confidential data, as well as explain some of the social and legal aspects of privacy 
  4. The ability to experiment with software and hardware, to explore flaws in systems; explain performance issues with a focus on their trade-off security; and use standard security-related tools and packages. 
  5. Devise a mitigation plan against both external and internal vulnerabilities to enterprise computer infrastructures and sensitive digital assets. 
  6. Analyze and evaluate multiple risk assessment methods and strategies. 
  7. Compare and contrast the legal and ethical aspects of cybersecurity at different levels. 
  8. Evaluate the results of a security assessment to assess the security status of a network or computer system. 
  9. Conduct in-depth research into a specific CYS topic, including finding and integrating relevant research results of others. 
  10. Integrate systems-level-infrastructure thinking into CYS problem identification and resolution, and effectively communicate the solution. 

​Additional Outcomes for the Thesis Track Outcomes: 
  1. Apply a research methodology to solve a security problem 
  2. The ability to investigate and correlate findings to derive sound conclusions 
  3. ​The ability to provide creative solutions to real-life problems​