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Master of Science in Software Engineering

Program Structure

​Based on the detailed survey conducted, it has been decided to adopt the following course structure. One of the major distinguishing feature of the program is the weight given to the development project. This project will be the main vehicle for applying the ideas and practicing the conceptual knowledge introduced in the courses.

Core Courses: (15 Credit hours)
Core Cours​es
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
SE501 Software Development Processes 3
SE502 Software Requirements Engineering 3
SE503 Software Project Management 3
SE504 Software Testing & Quality Assurance 3
SE505 Software Design and Architecture 3

Electives: (9 Credit hours)
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
SE511 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
SE513 Software System Modeling 3
SE517 Real Time Software Systems 3
SE518 Data Warehousing and Design 3
SE519 Business Process Management 3
SE520 Modeling and Simulation 3
SE521 Analysis of Software Artifacts 3
SE523 Service Oriented Architectures and web services 3
SE526 Website Engineering 3
SE527 Distributed software systems 3
SE529 Enterprise Architectures Frameworks 3
SE531 Software Measurements 3
SE533 Software Risk Management 3
SE535 Software Evolution and Maintenance 3
SE537 Building Secure Dependable Software Systems 3
SE538 Information Retrieval and Search Engines 3
SE539 Mobile Application Development 3
SE541 Software Quality Assurance & Engineering 3
SE543 Business Intelligence 3
SE547 Software User Interface Design & Analysis 3
SE591 Selected Topics in Software Engineering 3
SE593 Seminar in Software Engineering 3

Degree Requirements 

A candidate will be considered for the award of the Master’s degree in Software Engineering if he/she completed the requirements, following one of the options shown in table below: 

Degree Requirements
Electives​​ Course Work Additional Requirements Comments
The Program adopts an extended applied thesis approach where theory is applied in real ​life situations 24 credit hours Thesis (12 credit hours) The thesis work is regulated by articles 41-61 of the Higher Education Council Unified Reguations for Postgraduates Studies.