Productive Families Exhibition


Under the patronage of HRH Princess Noura Bent Mohamed Al Saud:
Productive Families Exhibition is an expo-oriented exhibition hosted by Prince Sultan University-Women Campus in collaboration with Riyadh Chamber Commerce. This promising event opens up doors of opportunities for small businesses of the community to find great business opportunities.  Riyadh chamber for commerce and industry in cooperation with PSU,  give a considerable attention to women who are working from home especially widows, divorced, and poor women to help them to sustain their micro-projects, as a key source of generating income, and turn them into productive energy in the community, rather than just recipients of subsidies.
This kind of home business needs a lot of support and subsidies from different institutions in the community. PSU as a lead private university represented by finance department outreach committee and community services office collaborated with Riyadh chamber to support this kind of micro-business  through productive families exhibition to market their product to  be able to survive in a very competitive environment and two workshops related to how to manage your business which increase women’s’ awareness.

28 business women from home business join the exhibition and 20 female visitors join the workshops Instructors.

Productive Families Vision:
Our vision is to provide small home business the opportunity to market their products and find an independent financial source for a better life living.


  • Participants will explore varied opportunities in their fields.
  • Participants will meet professional academic leaders where they can support their business.
  • Exhibitors will be allowed to interact professionally with the faculty, students, admin of PSU and visitors from the community.
  • Exhibitors will have a great opportunity to market their products to a large, highly interested audience.
  • PSU-Women Campus academic departments will exhibit their small business.

Productive Families Gallery.

Internal/External Instructors:

Computer Path

English Path

Law Course

ID Course


Soft skills

Writing Letters


Dr. Tanzila Saba


Njoud Bin Dayel

Teachers Assistants:

Hana AlSugair

Raghad AlMadhy


Sara AlMazrou

Teachers Assistants:

Arwa AlOdan

Ghada AlShaikh


Shikha Nasser Alageel 

Teacher Assistant:

 Ghada Fahad Abushnan


Ms. Tasneem Prue

Faculty members who trained the students:

Ms. Hind AlHajj

October 2nd 2017

Ms. Sharifah Sulainman.

October 1st 2017.

Ms. Nurah Washington.

October 3rd 2017


Arwa AlShahrani

Teachers Assistants:

Shouq AlBasheer

Jumana AlSafadi


Dr. Fatmah Abdullah

Teachers and Teachers Assistants:

Ethar AlBaltan

Khawla AlDubaikhi

Atheer AlBaltan

Noura AlSleem

AlJouhara AlRasheed



Ms. Noura AlFawzan

Teachers and Teachers Assistants:

Mafaz AlSleem

Asma AlQasabi

Yasmeen AlGhamdi

Shouq AlBaroudi


Amal AlSaud

External Instructor


Dr. Affifah Al-Eid

General Courses Department


Dr. Amira AlZaharani

General Courses Department


Nouf AlQahtani