Prince Salman Education for Employment PSE4E is a program that aims at improving the qualifications of young people for employment. It aims at raising the level of vocational training so as to fulfill the requirements of the labor market.

The program consists of 2 parts:
Business English: 4 months – taught by the English faculty members, PSU-CW
Technical Training: 7 months – taught by international trainers from UK, Germany, Bahrain, Poland, USA, Egypt, India, Jordan, … etc
The program is accompanied by various soft-skills workshops; e.g. project management, presentation and communication skills, design thinking, building a professional image, and workplace communication skills.

Program Selection Criteria:
Saudi Nationality
Bachelor’s degree in
- Information Technology or
- Business fields
Not employed
Passing all entrance Exams

Offered programs:

Part 1: Business English
The main objective of this course is to enable students to communicate more effectively in meaningful ways within a variety of work settings for immediate use in their workplace.

The program helps trainees develop:

  • A thorough understanding of English in the business world 
  • A working knowledge of skills, tasks and strategies related to the world of employment 

Part 2: Technical Training


E4E workshops:
E4E also offered various soft-skills workshops to its students to improve their professional skills and prepare them for the workplace.

Workshops topics include:
  • Project Management. 
  • Presentation and Communication Skills. 
  • Design Thinking. 
  • Building a Professional Image. 
  • Workplace Communication Skills. 

One of the main social responsibility goals behind the E4E program is finding suitable jobs to the qualified E4E graduates in companies and organizations.
The program was first launched in September 2013 with 67 trainees. They graduated in August 2014 from the SAP and Microsoft programs. The second batch of 37 graduates enrolled in April and will be graduating in March 2015 from the Oracle program.