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About Deanship

Dean's Message

Deanship of Quality Assurance & Development

Dean’s Message 

The Deanship of Quality Assurance and Development offers a wide range of technical services and solutions that affect every aspect of the university and its stakeholders. The Deanship takes “continuous improvement and development” as its motto. We continuously challenge ourselves to achieve and maintain high standards of performance and achievement. 

Even though our Deanship’s scope of work is quite broad, we strive to achieve our goals and fulfill institutional expectations by working closely with all university stakeholders – inside and outside the university. This demanding job requires tremendous effort on our part in communicating and coordinating our work with all relevant university units and departments. 

The Deanship’s six units/centers work closely and interdependently together to achieve university strategic goals. Principal among which is making the university an effective and efficient institution with clear goals, high-quality processes, services, and outcomes. We endeavor to achieve those goals by engaging all university stakeholders in planning, evaluation, and development. 

We strongly uphold and adopt a number of key processes that are essential to any successful institution: Constant gathering/sharing of data and information; continuous and regular review and evaluation; and decision-making based on indicators and evidence. 

The Deanship aspires to develop, expand and improve its services by exploring new areas. One key area of future development is the automation of some of our key services such as data collection/analysis, quality assurance, and strategic planning. We plan to make our services more accessible and efficient utilizing better designing solutions and cutting-edge technologies. 

Dr. Fayez Al-Ghamdi 
Acting Dean of Quality Assurance and Development