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University News

The University Signs a Partnership Agreement with the Korean Corporation SIS

03 December 2017

The Corporation, under this Agreement, Donates to Establish a Robotics Laboratory at the University for Scientific Research Purposes

His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Saleh Al Yamani, the Rector of the University, signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Shin Seung, the Chairman of the Korean corporation SIS that is specialized in the field of robots and reconnaissance drones. The agreement includes that the corporation will donate to establish robotics laboratory at the University for Scientific Research Purposes.

The agreement was attended by Ali bin Saeed Al-Khaiar, the Chairman of the Saudi Delta Group and Mr. Ali bin Omar Babtain, the Chairman of the United Medical Group, as supporters of the initiative.

The Chairman of SIS announced last week during his reception by the Rector in his office that the corporation decided to donate to establish a laboratory of a robotics. This laboratory is specialized for the purposes of scientific research at the university. It is in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science and Information that is represented by the Internet of Things Unit. This agreement was a contribution to support the University's efforts in the development of scientific research and the creation of an environment that stimulates creativity in conformity with the initiatives of the National Transformation program 2020. This announcement came after reviewing the university's systems and departments and the development it witnesses which has a positive impact on the academic reputation of the university and the opportunities of its graduates in the labor market.

Mr. Shin Young was accompanied, in his visit to the university, by Eng. Ali Bin Saeed Al-Khallar who is the Chairman of the Saudi Delta Group and one of the supporters of the Korean corporation's initiative. Al-Khaiar said that Delta is in the process of establishing a specialized research center in the University for the aim of transforming the research outcomes into commercial products as a way to support knowledge economy in the Kingdom and to strengthening the University's efforts in supporting national development and community service.

The Chairman of the Saudi Delta Group, Ali Al-Khaiar spoke to The University Newsletter Taif PSU about the Korean corporation’s initiative and the position of Delta Group on this agreement. He said "First of all, I am happy to be here today in the signing of this agreement. There is no doubt that choosing PSU is a good choice for everyone because of the reputation of the university that extends far beyond the borders according to its global and local classification. Everyone is proud of what the university reached in a record period compared to other Saudi universities. Also, everyone is happy to deal with Prince Sultan University and works to be a partner to the university. This is because it gives the credibility and reliability of any product or any foreign partner who may enter the Saudi market. 

The Korean corporation is looking for localization of technology in Saudi Arabia and looking for a partner. It is a leading corporation in laboratories and advanced industries. The role of the Saudi Delta Group in this agreement is to support the localization of this technology, to discuss technical matters with the two parties, to provide information about the market and the potentials available and to coordinate the training of students and Saudis in general and in the university laboratory.