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About Library


​​​​​​​The primary objectives of PSU Libraries are: ​

Acquire relevant information resources in all formats, including monographs, AVs, serials and databases.
Organize information resources according to international standards and tools. 
Provide access to information resources on site and off site. 
Manage, maintain and preserve information resources to meet the needs of PSU user community related to teaching, training, research, consultation and learning. 
Educate and assist faculty, students and staff in the identification and effective utilization of information systems, technologies and resources. ​
Continue to develop and update collections of information resources to meet best the needs of PSU user community. 
Maintain and upgrade physical and technological infrastructure to enhance the quality of operations and services. 
Recruit, train and facilitate professional develop of library staff. 
Meet and exceed university library accreditation requirements, and quality standards. 
Provide access to library resources and services via web pages and online resources. 
Work closely with users; know their needs and interests, evaluate user satisfaction, and develop accordingly library plans, performance, services and resources.
Enhance information literacy, especially of the student community, by developing effective practices aiming at improving student ability to:​
Search and access information effectively and efficiently; evaluate information resources; assess and use information critically and legally.​​​