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E-Learning Centre

E-Learning Help and Support

​​​​Moodle Support
If you need help using Moodle or Interactive WhiteBoard Unit in your classrooms, there are lots of ways to get it.

Help for Instructor & Students
E-Learning Center offers e-mail, telephone and in-person support for instructors and students. This is the best option when you need immediate assistance or have a quick question. Students can receive help with Moodle in two ways: Moodle course shell access and Moodle technical support. ​

Moodle Students Orientation

Students can use Moodle to read and download lecture notes, participate in discussion forums, turn in assignments, take quizzes, check grades, and communicate with their teacher, classmates, or anyone in PSU academic community. In order to use Moodle, students only need very basic computer and internet navigation skills, plus internet connection. Students’ interaction via Moodle is very similar to their daily participation in the Social Media: post comments, read the comments, reply to their posts, view pictures, watch videos, etc.While Moodle may be accessed by any web-enabled, handheld device such as a tablet, or a smartphone, the coursework requires a desktop or laptop computer.


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E-Learning Center
E-Learning center provides Moodle technical support. We can also help out with most of instructor's questions about how to use various functionalities of the Moodle system.
You can reach us at any time via: