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Friday 19 April 2019  |   | 

E-Learning Centre

Moodle User's Testimonials


​​​"​​​​​​​It is indeed a great honour and joy to receive the Moodle ​​​Exemplary Award two years in a row. Implementing Blended learning in curriculum by using Moodle as a tool, has led to encouraging results in terms of student interaction & student engagement. ELC team has been a focal point in providing technical support and guidance which has made teaching​​ more interesting and effective for students of both graduate and under graduate courses. My experience with ELC has been a​​mazing. The workshops designed by ELC are aimed to device different techniques which makes lesson more engaging for students. I look forward for more interactions with ELC in the coming years."

~~Dr. Jolly Sahni

"It was an honour and a pleasure to receive the Moodle exemplary award in the year 2016. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to E-learning Centre team, colleagues and to my students. Winning this award would not have been possible without the support I received from all of them. I will strive for continuous improvement and contribute my best for the current and future students of PSU. Moodle proved to be an excellent platform, which provides conducive and supportive environment for teaching and learning activities. Moodle allowed me to use my abilities, knowledge, and interactive communications with students without any hindrance. Besides that, Moodle encourages and provides support for all academic activities between instructor and students."

~~Dr. Rehana Parvin

"I am writing you this to express my deep gratitude to your support for us as new faculty members at PSU. 

It is noteworthy that your team is more than engaged in making the E-learning experience successful at PSU. I really enjoyed taking a training in the beginning of this academic year. I am impressed with your high professionalism and pedagogy. Whenever I face a technical issue with LMS, your team was of great help to me to fix all these issues within a very quick time. ​

I appreciate very much your team and wish you all good luck."

~~Prof. Hakim Ben Othman

"I am a faculty member of computer science department. Its my pleasure to avail this opportunity to speak about the support services provided by the elearning center.

In alignment with the 21st century skills and Saudi vision 2030 where usage of Technology in teaching and learning is one of the prime educational goals,  ELC under the umbrella  of  Prince Sultan University,  has been supporting the goal by progressively widening its scope and horizon in embedding technology in education as well as its support systems at PSU.

I have seen the E learninq centre's bud blooming over the years at PSU providing support for LMS(Moodle), smart boards, pod casting, conducting workshops for educating the PSU community about using various applications used in teaching n learning.​

I am always impressed by the promptness of the e-learning team in responding to our queries or requests which is again a mark of excellence for them.

However, there is always a room for improvement. I would like to suggest elearning centre to further  enhance technology support w.r.t. virtual classes, pod casting, short online courses as well as developing a platform for student portfolios.

I wish the centre the best of luck for their future endeavors. ​"

~~Ms. Roohi Jan

"Great way to connect and follow up with student activities! The award motivates me to constantly improve my courses contents and materials."

~~Dr. Basit Qurashi

"The role of instructors has amplified. They no longer merely deliver lessons in classrooms, rather, transform themselves into agents who are accountable to most academic-related roles at the higher learning institutions. Together with this transformation, the information technology advancement has somehow redefined the education atmosphere worldwide. Modern instructors now equip themselves with appropriate technology tools that could enhance their teaching skills and enrich student learning experience.

Since its establishment in September 2014,  the e-Learning Center at Pince Sultan University has made significant contributions in providing vital aids to enable instructors achieve the course leaning objectives. The ELC provides a platform that can be used effectively by both instructors and students to communicate and share ideas, broaden knowledge and stimulate creativity whilst promoting a conducive learning environment for its users.

Personally, I am an active user of the services made available by the ELC. I find that adopting and implementing blended learning approach in a student-centric environment is more meaningful with the availability of facilities and support from the ELC. Lesson deliveries are made easy in various brilliant ways that promote student engagement. They become active participants in discussions and other activities. Here in PSU, the ELC is our window that connects us to the world of endless possibilities. Students gain control over their own learning experience by conducting research, asking questions, making experiments and producing conclusions. ELC provides the flexibility to do all these outside the ordinary classroom setting. Simply advantageous!

I congratulate the ELC on the many successful years of fostering innovations and creativity towards generating competent faculties and students at PSU."

~~Dr. Normawati Non

“I very much appreciate PSU-LMS. LMS has improved my teaching strategy and allowed me to spend less time and effort to prepare several activities for students. I was able to provide a much stronger contact with my students throughout the semester using Forum, Chat, Workshop, … LMS allowed me to attract the students' attention and persuade them to put effort to learn. The students showed outstanding capability in interacting with the course. The LMS team is very helpful. I appreciate their attention to details and creative approach to bringing our teaching to life online."​​

~~Dr. Sou​ad Larabi