​​About Megdam megdamFlyer.pdf

Prince Megrin Data Mining Center (MEGDAM) was established in 2010 at Prince Sultan University. His Royal Highness Prince Megrin bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, graciously financed the establishment of the Center at Prince Sultan University to further scientific research in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, serving the needs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This initiative comes in line with the previous great efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to encourage the shift towards a knowledge society in light of the enormous acceleration in the growth of electronic data. Thus, it is important to invest in information technology and the exploration and extraction of knowledge from various data to take advantage of the opportunities offered by recent developments in the field of data mining. 


Achieve regional leadership in research and development in the area of Data Mining 


Conduct Scientific Research in Applied Data Mining and facilitate knowledge transfer to the Kingdom 

Develop National capacities in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery through cooperation with Leading International Centers and Distinguished researchers 

Encourage Center Sustainability for diverse and productive incubation of innovative ideas, services and practices related to Data Mining 


Raise awareness of the importance of data mining and applications in the Kingdom 

Encourage research in development of data mining techniques, methods and applications 

Facilitate transfer of Knowledge to Kingdom through cooperation with international specialized centers and distinguished researchers with training and joint research collaboration 

Provide consultancy and services to commercial / industrial organizations to optimally exploit their data and optimize operations 

Support Prince Sultan University in educating the next generation of science and technology professionals