About Science and Technology Unit (STU) 

Science and Technology Unit (STU) can be regarded as the contact point between researchers at PSU and King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST).  STU is mainly established to perform some certain tasks before and after approving projects submitted to KACST.  Before approving projects, STU undertakes to review the research proposals submitted to KACST in terms of the following:

  1. The research proposal is compatible with the governing rules of the program in terms of its form and content.
  2. Review the research proposals and ensure that they fall within the program to be applied for.
  3. The research proposal is new (original) and has never been submitted or any part thereof to another party or has been approved for funding.
  4. Ensure the compliance of the research proposals with the scientific integrity rules issued by KACST, provided that the quotation in the research proposal does not exceed 3% and that the quotation is calculated using specialized programs on the basis of 20 consecutive words per line, taking into account excluding the cover page, references, methods, materials and the CVs of researchers
  5. The absence of an ongoing scientific integrity violation taken against any member of the research team.
  6. The total remuneration of any member of the research team should not exceed the compensations of three projects per month, and the participation of any member should not exceed more than five projects funded by KACST.
  7. The participation of any research team from outside Saudi Arabia (if any) must be compatible with the rules of the participation of researchers from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  8. All equipment required for the project is necessary and not available in the institution or difficult to use or access to it.
After approving, STU will follow up the executive plan related to each project including the technical specifications and financial requirements.

For more information about STU, please contact us:
Dr. Dhafer Almakhles: dalmakhles@psu.edu.sa; (STU director)
Dr. Anis Koubaa: akoubaa@psu.edu.sa; (assistant STU director)
Eng. Abdulrahman Yassin: yassin@psu.edu.sa; and (Software Engineer / Researcher, RIC)

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