​​The Research & Translation Center organizes annual specialized research forums in collaboration with the PSU colleges. The forums include keynote speeches by renowned speakers in addition to varied research papers and posters by PSU faculty members and post-graduate students and non-PSU researchers. The forums are open to the public (men & women). 


The PSU Specialized Research Forums aim at: 
1) Nurturing a strong research culture at PSU 
2) Providing and excellence platform for exchange of knowledge and expertise 
3) Supporting research collaboration and mentorship 
4) Enhancing the connection between the academia and the industry/community 
5) Fostering PSU research visibility and contribution to the society 

Programs of 4th Round – 2016-2017 
Computer & Information Sciences Program.pdf

Business Administration Program.pdf

English Language Studies Program.pdf

Law Program.pdf

General & Applied Sciences Program.pdf

Engineering Program.pdf