​The RTC Student Research Club is responsible for engaging undergraduate students into the world of research. Concepts of how to make research on a certain topic and how the right steps are to achieve results are delivered through various club activities throughout the year. All research activities are supervised by qualified faculty members according to major. 


To motivate students to engage in research activities 
To dvelop students’ critical thinking skills 
To provide assistance to students in their course-based research 
To build student-faculty interaction within a research context 
To enhance interaction between PSU and the community/industry 

Sample Activities 

Research training sessions 
Research competitions 
Field trips 
Mentored projects 

• To become a member of the student research club, please contact us. 
• To learn about available student awards, please visit the Awards & Incentives section. 
• To participate at the nation-wide Undergraduate Research Forum (URF) at Prince Sultan University, visit the URF website​