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Masters in Commercial Law

The MCL program aimed to provide graduates with advanced knowledge of laws in commercial spheres. The programs have been designed to equip graduates with research, professional and communication skills that are needed in the local and international job market.

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Alumni Testimonials

Listen what our alumni have to say about our programs.


The LLB program at PSU empowers students with exceptional understanding of legal systems. Through extracurricular activities and the co-op training program, students are also offered with the opportunity to build character and enhance practical knowledge.

Motaz Alfozan

Motaz Alfozan ‘19

  • Corporate Associate,
    AS&H in cooperation with Clifford Chance LLP
  • LLB, Prince Sultan University

The College of Law at PSU is the one for those who wish to learn in an engaging way, and prepare themselves for the job market afterwards through its distinguished Co-op program. It is a journey that truly pushes the boundaries of students' skills and knowledge.

Abdulwahad Alqahtani

Abdulwahad Alqahtani ‘20

  • Corporate Associate,
    AS&H in cooperation with Clifford Chance LLP
  • LLB, Prince Sultan University

Being an MCL student at PSU has capitalized my education and legal work experience. It gave me the knowledge to learn not only about commercial law, but also about other topics, such as corporate governance, alternative dispute resolutions, international economic law, etc. Being a PSU master student has capitalized my experience as the study is very comfortable, rich in culture and provides an ideal student’s environment. This program gave me the experience to develop my skills from both academic and professional perspectives.

Gadah AlRayes

Gadah AlRayes

  • General counsel/ legal counsel
    at hozoon holding
  • MCL, Prince Sultan University

The program gave me a deeper fundamental understanding on how to reflect theoretical knowledge into practice and vice versa. Prior to joining the program, I was hesitant but the balance of the courses and its relevance to market practices have made the challenge enjoyable and enriching. It is an intense journey but for sure rewarding.

Tala AlJahlan

Tala AlJahlan

  • Executive Director of Legal Affairs
  • G20 Saudi Secretariat
  • MCL, Prince Sultan University

Throughout my journey at PSU, I remember how excited and nervous I was to go to law school. These moments were only treasured enough to encourage me in my future endeavors. With my technology law background, I am now perusing my LL.M. in IP & information law to be active and involve in this new era

Layla Tatwany

Layla Tatwany ‘11

  • Senior Legal Advisor at Mobily
  • LLM, Fordham University
  • LLB, Prince Sultan University

I believe that there is no absolute best college ever. However, when I graduated from high school, I only preferred to enroll at PSU because of its good reputation at that time, but when I joined its law program, I discovered that PSU did not only provide me with the legal knowledge, but also they were keen to provide all students with other professional skills which made PSU students better candidates at the market. Its close relationship and open door policy of the faculty enhanced our educational experiences. Joining PSU was and still is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Hala Bakhsh

Hala Bakhsh ‘12

  • Associate, Corporate department
    at Herbert Smith Freehills
  • Licensed Attorney in Saudi Arabia
  • LLM, Duke University
  • LLB, Prince Sultan University

PSU provided me with a platform to reach my potential and a network that played a vital role in advancing my career and opening up great opportunities to me. Particularly, what distinguishes PSU from other law schools in Saudi Arabia is its strong and well-regarded co-op training program. It helped me bridge the gap between academic education and work experience and was the stepping stone in my career as a transactional lawyer.

Najla Al-Gadi

Najla Al-Gadi ‘14

  • Associate, Law Office of Salman Al-Sudairi
    in cooperation with Latham & Watkins
  • Licensed Attorney in Saudi Arabia
  • Licensed Attorney in the State of New York
  • LL.M., Harvard University
  • LLB, Prince Sultan University