The Energy, Water and Environment Lab


The Energy, Water, and Environment Lab (EWE) aims to showcase the commitment of PSU to further develop its academic and research capabilities to attract undergraduate and postgraduates’ students by offering new programs tailored to the job market within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with its Vision 2030. Besides, EWE will engage into innovative research toward cutting-edge technologies, patenting, and creation of starts-ups.


EWE’s mission is to establish a unique research center within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to tackle the most challenging issues related to energy, water, and environment in terms of R & D as well as socio-economic impacts. Besides, EWE will foster the research infrastructure (both experimental and computational) at PSU as well as engage staff members into applied research with high outputs.


  • Establish a research lab in applied science and engineering at PSU equipped with art-of-state equipment, includingmaterials synthesis, characterization, and applications
  • Offer PSU staff and students a platform to enhance their research outputs and publish quality and quantity papers
  • A new facility for existing and future graduate program (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) students to perform their research thesis
  • Offer training and workshops for staff and students all over the kingdom
  • Offer consultancy and tailored training and workshops for the local industry
  • Develop national, regional, and international collaboration
  • Higher visibility and ranking of PSU (quality and quantity papers, citations)
  • Align with PSU’s Strategic Plan (2018– 2023) for creating new culture of research and enhancing research capabilities/outputs of its staff, since 17 research laboratories and groups are already created
  • Align with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 in terms of employment by developing new skills for our graduates tailored to job market, competitiveness of energy sector, non-oil exports, and mining industry