Department of Interior Design

As a participant in the academic mission of the Prince Sultan University -the Department of Interior Design is committed to producing a distinctive class of high- quality young professionals in the various fields of design work. The Department is committed to fostering intellectual excellence, emphasizing knowledge that is relevant to design (hand-drafting skills and technological computer CAD skills in designing). These young women graduates possess a sound academic background in the fundamental and necessary skills of interior design and thus are fully equipped to deal with the challenges of design projects in the real world and the jobs that await them in commercial, hospitality and residential design firms.

The Interior Design program was developed taking into account the needs of the local community and the increasing demands of professional and university-educated interior designers. In addition, the content and structure of well-known and accredited programs at prominent universities are taken into consideration along with the recommendations of leading international bodies. This enables program graduates to obtain the necessary professional skills that embark on successful industrial careers and/or pursue higher education in Interior Design.


Welcome to the Department of Interior Design at Prince Sultan University. The Interior Design Program at PSU is affiliated with the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), USA. The program's learning goals are aligned with the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Central to our mission is fulfilling the national transformation program, Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The Interior Design Department offers quality education to prepare students for professional practice in the field through the cultivation of knowledge and hands-on skills. Keeping pace with the rapidly changing design principles and practices and new topics within the design body of knowledge in the 21st century, the Interior Design program at PSU is committed to evidence-based research and practice that focusses on meeting contemporary needs by the integration of modern design technology with a human-centered and sustainable approach. In general, the department offers professional education to the new generation of professional designers who will take into account our heritage and history, engaging with the realities of today as they design for tomorrow.

Our interdisciplinary faculty of designers, artists, researchers, and theoreticians, are committed to fostering creative expression and freedom of thought while providing a foundation of the knowledge and skill necessary to excel. Our faculty are equally committed to mentoring students in pre-professional practice by facilitating student participation in competitions and conferences, and in the visitation of sites, galleries, professional studios and design firms to familiarize and engage them with the activities and discourse of design professionals. We are proud that our graduates are well prepared with the knowledge and skills that position them as leaders in the field, in Saudi Arabia and internationally, with 75% of our graduates employed within six months of graduation.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Interior Design Program at PSU

Dr. Samaher Fallatah

Chairperson, Interior Design Engineering Department
Tel: +966 114948793