Who are we?

The college of Law at Prince Sultan University is honored to open the Legal Clinic to provide free legal consultation sessions to those in need of the community. This initiative is a reflection of the deep understanding and strong belief of the university administration in the importance of voluntary work and its role in building the future. Therefore, it has created a positive atmosphere for it that has helped its growth. The university also seeks to transform voluntary work into institutional work that achieves sustainability, and establishes an era of positive social awareness and voluntary work impotence.


Develop the field of voluntary work by contributing to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and raising the number of volunteers from only 11,000 to a million volunteers before the end of 2030.


Leadership in voluntary work and community service with the highest quality standards, and excellence in preparing innovative outputs ready for the labor market in all branches of law.


  • Raising awareness and spreading legal culture among segments of society by providing free legal activities represented in conducting direct consultation sessions by the college of Law’s students for those in need, under the supervision of licensed lawyers in providing legal consultations.
  • Devoting the principles of voluntary work in students.
  • Integrating theoretical academic study with practical professional life, by providing the opportunity for students to interact with the public and contribute to providing legal aid to them.