EE COURSES Description

101 Computer Programming

Credits: 4 (3,1,2) Prerequisite: None

This course introduces computer programming using JAVA programming language. Emphasis is on techniques of problem analysis and the development of algorithms and programs. An introduction to modern object-oriented programming concepts is also considered.
EE 213 Logic Gates Design
EE 202 Introduction to Circuit
EE 203 Circuits Analysis and Design
EE 341 Signals and Systems
EE 211 Electronic Fundamentals
EE 321 Fundamental of Electromagnetics
EE 322 Communication Systems Principles
EE 332 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
EE 312 Electronic Engineering Design
EE 351 Electrical Machines Principles
EE 452 Power Systems analysis and design
EE 331 Control systems
EE 353 High Voltage Engineering

Elective Courses

EE 423 Data Communication Networks
EE 424 Digital Communications
EE 418 Communications Electronics
EE 434 PLC micro-controller
EE 417 VLSI Circuit Design
EE 436 Artificial Intelligence
EE 454 Power System Planning
EE 499 Special Topics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
EE 425 Wireless Communications Systems
EE 442 Digital Signal Processing
EE 426 Antenna and Wave Propagation
EE 433 Mechatronics
EE 435 Robotics and Automation
EE 415 Electrical and Electronic Measurements
EE 455 Power Electronics
EE 456 Renewable Energy Engineering
EE 416 (Opto-Electronics)
EE 491 Internship
EE 490 Senior Project