Electronic Resource Services

Theses Repository

On this page, PSU Library has made available the electronic theses which are digital versions of theses submitted to Prince Sultan University. Theses can be searched at Dspace interface by the author, subject or the year. Hard copies with CD-Roms are located in the Theses Corner, at the 1st floor of the Central Library( Building101- 2nd floor) For queries related to PSU Electronic Theses, please feel free to Contact DSpace Administrator at the below-given address;
Mr. Abid Iqbal
T: 00966-11-4948583
Click on the link below to read the full text:

Users with Disability (CL - CW)

The Library provides support to its users with special needs in line with PSU and library mission. Library facilities are readily accessible to the service population in general, users with disabilities in particular.

Desktop Video Magnifier (CL - CW)

PSU Library has recently purchased a new device Desktop Video Magnifier, which comes with a range of features and is very easy to operate. Desktop Video Magnifier is very helpful for those who prefer large print of reading materials or have visual challenges.

Library Mobile Book Service (CL - CW)

Do you plan to read more library books after the library has closed? The library is pleased to announce that the mobile bookshelves with reading materials are accessible to library users who want to browse or read outside of the regular library hours. Moreover, the mobile bookshelves with fiction and non-fiction books are located near the entrance of the library and available to the public outside the library opening hours.

General Services

Circulation Service

Circulation Services at PSU Libraries provide PSU community with the facility of borrowing and returning of their required library material. Circulation material is checked out and checked in using self-check machines placed at CL-MC and CL-CW. Reference sources and reserve material is checked out manually for limited time.

Current Awareness Service

It is important for academic community at PSU to remain up-todate with latest information resources added at PSU Libraries. We at PSU Libraries regularly update our website with fresh arrivals lists; rout the table of contents of journals to faculty; update our social media networks, display the newly arrived books at fresh arrivals corner to keep our users informed about the latest developments and additions at libraries.

Information Literacy Service

Information literacy is set of skills needed to find, evaluate, interpret and use information. PSU Libraries are committed to enhance information literacy skills of PSU community to equip them with the skills to find, evaluate, and use information easily, correctly and ethically. PSU libraries arrange trainings, orientations sessions, prepare brushers, and guides in this regard. Tailored information literacy sessions are provided throughout the academic year.

Reference Service

PSU Libraries feel pleasure to help faculty and students in fulfilling their information, research and teaching needs. Professionally qualified reference librarians provide reference services ranging from quick help to in-depth assistance at CL-MC and CL-CW. Reference librarians at men and women campuses libraries are available for consultations during the working hours of libraries. During the working hours when reference desks at CL-MC and CL-CW are unattended, users should feel free to contact the other librarians available nearby. The service is provided to PSU affiliated faculty, students and staff on site, through emails, and on telephone.

Document Delivery & ILL Services

At PSU Libraries, Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan service provide the users with books, research papers and other materials form other libraries that are not available in PSU Libraries’ print & electronic collections. Users are requested to search library catalogue and online databases prior to sending the DD & ILL request. PSU faculty, graduate & undergraduate students, and staff can use the DD & ILL service free of cost. On arrival of the requested material, the users are notified.

In-Library Use

At PSU Libraries, internal borrowing service is available for noncirculating materials. The non-circulating material like reference sources and journal volumes can be borrowed to use inside the library premises. Users are requested to place the borrowed material on the tables and not to shelve the borrowed items.

Textbook Service

Textbook Service Information Resource Management Librarians offer textbooks services to PSU undergraduate and postgraduate students: men and women; they collect data, and prepare lists of required textbooks ahead of each academic semester, and submit to our local dealer Al-Shegrey Bookstore to provide in time and at reasonable prices, together with their accompanying manuals and disks, librarians keep following up textbooks requests, and deal instantly with out-of-print, out-of-stock, and market restricted items, and would submit alternative textbooks instead when needed; in addition, librarians check the availability of required textbooks, their numbers, quality, and prices, and coordinate with Al-Shegrey staff to supply instructors’ and students; manuals, and provide the library with copies of each textbook for students and faculty use. In case you have any issue regarding the availability of textbook(s) after the start of the semester, please write to Please click the links given below to check the status of textbooks.

First Semester, Academic Year 2020/2021 [Term 201]

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College of Engineering
Engineering Management
Communication & Networks Engineering
College of Law
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College of Humanities
University Level English
Deanship of Educational Services
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Report (for Library Staff Only)
Al-Shegrey Bookstore Contact Details
Mr. Moataz Abdulrahman
Retail Department Director- al-Shegrey & PSU Account Manager
Al-Shegrey Publishing and Information Technology
PO Box 8833, Riyadh 11492.
T: 2170227 ext. 134 (Al-Shegrey)
T: 494-8664 (Al-Shegrey PSU Branch)