Library Facilities

Study Spaces

Central Library of Prince Sultan University provides a variety of types of study spaces for students, faculty, and staff. Please see the below-given details.

Silent Study/Carrels

For individual study, libraries have the facility of study carrels. Carrels are available at both the libraries. Loud conversation is not permitted in carrels. Drinks and foods are discouraged.

Research/Group Study Rooms

PSU Libraries have research/group study rooms for students, faculty and staff. Food and drinks are not allowed in research rooms. Group discussion and conversation is allowed. Research rooms are intended to be used for collaborative group study research and may be booked only for this purpose.

General Seating

Libraries provide facility of open seating with comfortable sofas and chairs along with wooden and glass top (round & rectangle) tables. Noiseless conversations and discussions are allowed. Drinks and foods are discouraged.

Korean Corner (CL - CW)

The Library boasts a special collection in the Korean language. The Korean Embassy updates sources of information monthly.

New Arrivals Displays (CL - CW)

The displays of library new acquisitions are geared to enhance awareness of library holding and promote usage of the library resources. These displays of new library materials can be found inside the library in the lobby of building #2.

Book Bank (CL - CW)

All the books on the Book Bank shelves can be borrowed from the library. Current PSU ID card is required if anyone needs to check out library materials located on the Book Bank shelves or in the other areas. Most of the Book Bank books have been donated to the library thanks to kindness of students, faculty and staff. Books in good condition can be brought to the library or placed into the containers designated for donation.

Plagiarism Detection Service (CL - CW)

A service that helps the students to detects and prevents literary plagiarism. The device examines the advanced research and ensures that all sources used in the research or projects have been documented accurately and were not copied or reprint research and projects already published on the internet.

Referencing & Citations Service

It is a service that helps the students to document references and sources used in their research. The documentation of references and sources in a scientific research is a very important step as it gives importance to the research and enhances the credibility of the information published on the research.

Sprout Devices & 3D Capture Stage (CL - CW)

Sprout (HP) devices are very useful for those majoring in Architecture and Interior Design Engineering at PSU. It integrates more than one feature in a single device such as scanning and capturing an object with high-resolution camera and modern applications. In addition, 3D Capture Stage is a device that features “virtual model” and captures it from all angles in 3D way.

Digital Drawing Tablet (CL - CW)

Digital drawing tablet, a new state-of-the-art electronic device, is now available through PSU Library (Women Campus). This device is equipped with a range of features and is a powerful and useful gadget for PSU students, faculty and staff who are interested in study and practice in the fields of Graphic Design and Digital Media.

Books On A Kindle (CL - CW)

Hundreds of library books in digital format about various topics can be viewed and downloaded into mobile devices via kindle e-reader as well.

Access to library materials and Catalog using QR code (CL - CW)

Just aim your smart phone, tablet or other mobile device squarely, not at an angle, at the center of select QR code of your choice. Following this, you can start viewing the content (HTML format) that is downloaded into your mobile device or making a quick search on the library catalog.

E- Dictionaries (CL - CW)

This online edition of dictionaries can be accessible via the library tablet installed inside the library. All the major languages around the world are available through the library device, E-Dictionaries. Come check out, among other things, this online reference resource.


Computing Facilities

PSU Libraries provide computing facilities to PSU faculty, staff and students. Necessary applications and software are installed on computers. Users can use library computers to: 1- search library OPAC 3- use online databases 4- check LMS 5- check emails 6- prepare assignments and projects 7- other academic purposes

Printing and Photocopying Facilities

By signing in to library computers using PSU username and password, faculty, students and staff can use the printers at libraries. Photocopy facilities are also available for library users. Faculty and students are required to use PSU credentials to use the photocopy machines.

Scanning Facilities

Free of cost and self-service based scanning facility is available at PSU Libraries. Libraries have acquired hi-tech scanners in this regard. Scanned documents can be emailed or taken on USB drives. Users are requested to follow the local and international copyright laws.


Library spaces at PSU are hotspot areas. PSU provided 24 hours Wi-Fi facility is available in library buildings. Users are able to connect their mobile phones, laptops, iPads and other handheld devices with a secure high speed Wi-Fi connection.


To use the audio visual material inside the library, users can borrow headphones. PSU Libraries have acquired high quality headphones in this regard.


Apple iPads are available for users interested to read e-books online. iPads are provided for limited time to ensure that all the interested students get a chance to borrow. Required and popular applications are installed.

Laptops and Professional Cameras (CL - CW)

Laptops and professional cameras were added to library loanable collections. They are distinct and modern services provided to the university staff, to facilitate the teaching and learning process in the field of research and study and presentations of scientific and educational courses.

Library Online Survey (CL - CW)

This is a self-assessment device that has been installed inside the Library. Student, faculty and staff can participate in assessment of the library services through this online survey service. The Library Survey via the electronic questionnaire system measures the satisfaction of library users regarding the library operations on a daily basis. Feedbacks on the library collections, services and facilities from users are highly appreciated in the hopes of improvement of library operations.