Renewable energy for greener environment (workshop)

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Renewable energy for greener environment (workshop)

Renewable energy for greener environment (workshop)

Renewable Energy Lab & Communications & Networks Engineering Department organized on Thursday 7/11 Dr. Walid Dyab gave a lecture entitled “Renewable energy for greener environment”. The attendance was great, over 30 students attended the event and all CME faculty members. The summary of the talk is given below: The number of electric devices we use in our daily life is increasing without saturation. Most, if not all, of those devices are battery-enabled. Charging all of those devices using wired chargers plugged to the main supply has become a hassle which needs to be resolved. A promising solution is the use of electromagnetic fields and waves to transfer electric energy wirelessly from the main supply to the battery-enabled device. This is called wireless power transfer. This technology is still in its nascent state. The development of high efficiency methods for wireless power transfer will help this technology to reach its mature state and penetrate into a wide variety of markets. Some examples are electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles industry, mobile handheld electronic devices, electric aircrafts and biomedical implants. The Renewable Energy lab at PSU is a research lab established with the focus on the development of new technology to generate, store and transfer energy electric energy from renewable sources. The potential of PSU renewable energy lab is elaborated.




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