Digital Literary Club Continues to Shine

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Digital Literary Club Continues to Shine

Digital Literary Club Continues to Shine

The Digital Literary Club under the College of Humanities hosted a session about the emerging field of digital humanities on 29 September 2020 on Google Meet platform. The session was presented by Dr. Orchida Fayez, Assistant Professor at the College of Humanities and the leader of the Literary and Digital Studies in the Humanities Research Group. The aim of the session was to provide students with cutting-edge information abut the emerging field and its significance. Dr. Orchida highlighted that digital humanities has helped in bringing back the humanities to the study of human expression. She also illustrated the essence of digital humanities with some examples from social media since it is the place where people express themselves in real time. The session was a great success; attendees highly interacted with the session and made important contributions with their comments and questions.


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