MCL Program Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the program are designed based on the learning domains. At the end of the program the students should be able to:

  • Recognize a systematic understanding of knowledge relevant to the field and/or discipline.
  • Demonstrate progressive understanding of legal theory and the impact of globalization on the law which govern business, commerce, and consumer transactions.
  • Analyze contemporary legal issues within a specific subject matter to generate effective solutions and strategies.
  • Apply legal knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, expert judgment, adaptability and responsibility towards clients, employer, and the public.
  • Demonstrate the soft skills that are necessary for employment, including; intellectual independence, effective written and oral communication, and ethical behaviour consistent with professional identity.
  • Evaluate the impact of legal issues on the individual, firms, companies, industries, and country in general through efficient legal research and working skills in the use of new technology.
  • Display the ability to corporate with the leader and team members to achieve common goals and objectives guided by professional ethics and social responsibility