Welcome to the Applied Linguistics Research Lab (ALLAB) at the College of Humanities & Sciences, Prince Sultan University. Our lab was first established as a research group (The Language Learning and Teaching Research Group) on January 1, 2018. Then, the research group expanded its areas of research and was transformed into a research lab on September 1, 2019. Ever since, our lab has been determined to produce quality research, extend its members’ expertise to the community, provide support to budding researchers and offer relevant training and consultations. We welcome you to our lab website and will be very happy to collaborate with other researchers and research institutions to enhance our research output and services.


The Applied Linguistics Research Lab (ALLAB) at Prince Sultan University aims to provide quality research in applied linguistics and contribute to relevant community and world challenges.


The Applied Linguistics Research Lab (ALLAB) is committed to quality research output in highly ranked publication venues and the creation of strong links between research and the community it should serve. The Lab conducts research, holds research-related activities, offers training to interested budding researchers and provides research-based consultations.


  • Conduct and publish high-quality Applied Linguistics (ALLAB) research
  • Promote ALLAB research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Provide training for budding ALLAB researchers
  • Enhance collaboration among ALLAB researchers nationally, regionally, and internationally
  • Raise awareness among the public of ALLAB findings
  • Offer research-based consultations to relevant institutions
  • Attract grants for the Lab’s projects and sponsorship for its activities

Interdisciplinary Research Areas

Language Learning & Teaching

Discourse Analysis


Language & Society

Psychology of Language

Vocabulary & Formulaic Language Studies

Corpus Linguistics

Professional Communication

Educational Linguistics

ALLAB Gallery