Preparatory Year Program

Director's Message

The Preparatory Year Program (PYP) is a vital PSU organ; not only due to its sheer volume and size, but in the important role it plays in laying the foundation for new PSU students. The linguistic, mathematical, computational, physical, and interpersonal training they receive during their first year of university seamlessly transitions students from high school to higher education. It empowers them to join the ranks of ambitious students who contribute to the success and long legacy of PSU alumni.

The PYP is where it all begins; hundreds of students have passed through the PYP doors in the past two decades and many more continue to pass through every semester. Many are now in prominent positions both within and beyond PSU’s doors.

The PYP is a vibrant and energetic program. On a daily basis, students engage with a diverse group of highly experienced and enthusiastic faculty members and administrative staff. During the one year program, our students are encouraged to immerse themselves in a range of academic and extracurricular activities. In a supportive and collaborative learning environment, our students experience growth on many levels (academic, social, cognitive).

The PYP aims to hone students’ skillset and values so they can -in turn- become valuable and active members of the PSU community.

We take great pride in being the first face students see at the start of their university studies. As one semester ends and another one unfolds, we are always enthusiastic to congratulate our alumni on the successful completion of the PYP as well as welcome new and eager students to our program.

For more information, prospective/current students and parents are cordially invited to explore our webpage.

Ms. Rawan A. Alwazzan, Department Chair

Ms. Rawan A. Alwazzan

PYP Programme Director
Mr. Hisham Mohammed AL Khawar, Associate-Chair

Mr. Hisham Mohammed AL Khawar

PYP Programme Associate Director


The Preparatory Year Program (PYP) aspires to ensure that high school graduates become successful participants in the PSU community by nurturing the mind, the spirit and the body.


The PYP is committed to achieving an effective transition of high school graduates into qualified vibrant learners who have the level of proficiency in academia necessary to participate fully as PSU students. Using the latest technological advances and scientific instruction, we seek to develop numerical, linguistic and study skills necessary to make the transition to college life. We are committed to delivering well-rounded individuals who have a passion for learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the academic concepts of the preparatory year program
  • Illustrate numerical, linguistic, digital, practical and study skills necessary to succeed at the college level as required per academic discipline
  • Apply creative, critical thinking skills and/or problem solving skills to assignments and tasks
  • Communicate in academic and non-academic discourse to draw connections between ideas
  • Contribute ethically as an individual and within teams to accomplish goals

PYP Duration

The duration of the preparatory year program is a minimum of one year, divided into two regular semesters and a summer session, if necessary (and if there is any available course). The preparatory year represents the first and second semesters of all the undergraduate programs. In addition, some students might be required to complete one semester of intensive English language training before starting the PYP program depending on the student’s score in the admission test.

The grades earned by students in the preparatory year courses are recorded in their transcripts together with the semester GPA and cumulative GPA. However, these grades are not considered in the calculation of the cumulative GPA in the undergraduate program. Students may be exempted from the preparatory year program if they prove proficiency in English and mathematics either by passing the promotion examinations or by submitting credentials. If a student passes only a part of the promotion examination (English, mathematics, or computer), the student will be partially promoted to the next academic level, but is required to fulfill any remaining preparatory year requirements during the same academic year.

Final Evaluation of the PYP Students

Student performance will be evaluated at the end of the preparatory year to determine those who have fulfilled the university preparatory year requirements. The performance of a student in all courses taken shall be considered in addition to the results of all exams taken at the end of the program. Levels of evaluation are classified below.

Fully Passing PYP

Any student may register for the first university academic level if he/she fulfills the following requirements:

  • Successfully completing all the preparatory year courses with the grades indicated hereunder;
  • D grade or above in the first and second level courses of English
  • D grade or above in the first and second level courses of mathematics (Those who would like to join Engineering, Computing, Interior Design or Architecture programs must earn a C grade or above in MATH002).

After completion of all preparatory year requirements, promotion of a student to the first university academic level takes place at the beginning of the following semester. The student may select any of the majors offered by the university, provided that the required criteria for that major are met.

Partially Passing PYP

If a preparatory year student passes only one of the required courses (either English or mathematics), then he/she will be eligible to study some of the first level general university courses, provided that he/she simultaneously fulfills the remaining preparatory year requirements during a single semester; otherwise he/she will be obliged to dedicate the time exclusively to the preparatory year.

Dismissal From PYP

The University has the right to dismiss a student from the preparatory year program if he/she either:

  • earns a DN grade consecutively in the same course
  • fails one of the preparatory year courses within a maximum of three regular semesters
  • could not complete the preparatory year program in four semesters or more

Required Grades for Passing PYP Courses

  • D grade or above in all PYP courses.
  • D grade or above in the PYP math courses, (Those who would like to join Computing , Engineering, Interior Design or Architecture programs must earn a C grade or above in MATH 002).
  • Passing the skills exam for the Interior Design or Architecture programs.

Contact Information

Ms. Rawan A. Alwazzan 

Director of the Prep. Year Program (PYP)

Email: - Ext.: 8244

Secretary: Ms. Lamia AlOdan

Email:  Ext.: 8235

Mr. Hisham Alkhawar 

Associate Director of the Prep. Year Program (PYP)

Email: - Ext.: 8446

Secretary: Mr. Abdullah AlOkaily 

Email:  - Ext. 8275