Preparatory Year Program (PYP)

Computer Program

Computer Program

The main objective of this program is to provide students with the required skills for using computers efficiently and using the common computer applications which they need during their university study and future careers.

English Program

English Program

The Intensive English Program is designed for students with limited experience using English who need intensive instruction and practice in all aspects of the English language to help them to succeed in PSU’s Preparatory Year Program.

Math Program

Math Program

This program is designed to improve the students’ computational skills in basic Algebra and to demonstrate writing ability in Mathematics with logical steps.

Physical Development Program

Personal Development Skills Program

This program helps develop basic competencies and soft skills that students need in their day to day academic and personal life.

Pre-requisite courses for Law College

LAW 001: Legal terminology in English I
LAW 002: Legal terminology in English II

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Pre-requisite courses for College of 

Humanities & Sciences

ENG 011: Preparatory Communication Skills I
ENG 012: Preparatory Communication Skills II

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Computer Program


The computer program in the preparatory year introduces students to ethical aspects of computer, information security and privacy, as well as to the two major elements of a computer system namely hardware and software. Moreover, the students get acquainted with productivity tools such as word processing programs, presentation software, spreadsheet software, and database software. They learn the required skills to use computers and to create, view and modify general office documents (documents, memos, letters, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, etc.). Regardless of their major, all students will be using some of these applications extensively during their college level studies. The computer courses are lab-based, and the learning is blended, combining traditional face-to-face classrooms and individual online study. The availability of numerous state-of-the-art laboratories and highly qualified faculty members make teaching and learning highly effective. The two computer courses contribute to the preparatory year program learning outcomes.


CMP011 – Computer Orientation I
CMP012 (PYP) – Computer Orientation II
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