M.S in Software Engineering Structure of the Program


The total number of credits required to complete the program is 36 credit hours including a six credits thesis. The details are given in the tables below.

Core Courses: (21 Credit hours)

Core Courses
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
SE501 Software Development Processes 3
SE502 Software Requirements Engineering 3
SE503 Software Project Management 3
SE504 Software Testing & Quality Assurance 3
SE505 Software Design and Architecture 3
SE600 Thesis 6

Electives Courses

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
SE511 Formal Methods in Software Engineering 3
SE513 Software System Modeling 3
SE517 Real Time Software Systems 3
SE519 Business Process Management 3
SE521 Analysis of Software Artifacts 3
SES523 Service Oriented Architectures and web services 3
SE526 Website Engineering 3
SE527 Distributed software systems 3
SE529 Enterprise Architectures Frameworks 3
SE531 Software Metrics and Measurements 3
SE533 Software Risk Management 3
SE535 Software Evolution and Maintenance 3
SE539 Mobile Application Development 3
SE537 Building Secure Dependable Software Systems 3
SE541 Software Integration, Validation & Verification 3
SE543 Business Intelligence 3
SE547 Software User Interface Design & Analysis 3
SE549 Model Software Development 3
SE551 Data Engineering 3
SE553 Software Comprehension & Maintenance 3
SE580 Software Analytics 3
SE591 Selected Topics in Software Engineering 3
SE593 Research Methodology 3
SE595 Emerging Topics in Software Engineering 3
SE596 Software Studio I (team activity) 3
SE597 Software Studio II (team activity) 3