CME 111 Logic Design Fundamentals

Credits: 4(3,1,2) Prerequisite: None

This course introduces digital systems design concepts. Topics include basic combinational building blocks and design methods to construct synchronous digital systems; alternative representations for digital systems; standard logic (SSI, MSI) vs. programmable logic (PLD, FPGA); finite state machine design; digital computer building blocks as case studies; introduction to computer-aided design software in VHDL. The course also includes a design project.
CME 112 Electric Circuit and Electronics
CME 211 Communication Embedded Systems
CME 241 Signals and Systems
CME 242 Communication Engineering Fundamentals
CME 243 Electromagnetics I
CME 321 Networking: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture
CME 322 Network Analysis and Design
CME 341 Electromagnetics II
CME 342 Communication Theory
CME 343 Communication Systems I
CME 344 Antennas and Propagation
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CME 452 Mobile Communication
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CME 492 Co-Op
CME 498 Senior Project I
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