Since its inception, the Educational Research Lab (ERL) members have delivered the following lab presentations and invited talks:

Research Seminars

Directed motivation currents

Monday, 13 December, 2021

Dr. Ali H. Al-Hoorie

Action research as a way to grow as an educator

Monday, 27 September, 2021

Dr. Alia Mitchell

Basic skills for PYP students

Tuesday, 14 September, 2021

Dr. Badr Alhussein

Post pandemic teaching and learning: Lessons learnt

Mon, 23 August 2021

Prof. Hala Dalbani

Student Talks

The power of positive thinking

Thu, 18 November, 2021

Mr. Faisal Alghamdi

A pathway towards acquiring morality

Wed, 27 October, 2021

Ms. Nourah Almahmoud

Life is good

Thu, 9 September, 2021

Ms. Dimah Alsowailem


Mon, 9 August, 2021

Ms. Aljawaharah Alzamel