Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management is concerned about the planning and control of industrial processes to ensure a smooth transition at all levels. Techniques of production and manufacturing management are employed in service as well as in manufacturing industries. The Production and Manufacturing Engineering Program (PMP) includes responsibility for product and process design, planning and control issues involving capacity and quality, and organization and supervision of the workforce. PMP provides a strong foundation for becoming a professional with knowledge in both engineering and management aspects of production and their interaction. The engineering side includes operation and integration of manufacturing technology, automation, maintenance and quality aspects, production development tools, and methods as well as software. The management side covers systematic decision-making, operations strategy, planning, control and management of resources that are essential for achieving a sustainable production environment. A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management is awarded upon successful completion of 138 credit hours. There are 79 credit hours of coursework as the program level. Students take additional 30 credits of required courses and two elective courses for 6 credits in their respective specializations.