Bachelor in Communications & Networks Engineering

The Communications and Networks revolution has enhanced the quality of life of all over the globe the past two decades. Advances in the Communications and Networks are not only developing rapidly, they have become part of the fabric of life throughout the world. The demand for well- qualified engineers in Communications and networks is tremendous and growth in that job market is expected to continue in the foreseeable future as societies and governments become more dependent on technology in general and on Communications and networks in particular.

The Department of Communications and Networks [CME] at PSU offers students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and technical skills in this field. With emphases on creativity and innovation, the program prepares students to become self-learners and encourages them to pursue higher education in this rapidly advancing discipline. The department strives to work closely with the local community and to establish cooperative, and research links with Communications and networks industries in the country.

The Communications and Networks Engineering Department offers students the choice of two tracks to follow based their interests and personal objectives. These specialization tracks are:

  • Communications Engineering
  • Networks Engineering

A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communications and Networks Engineering is awarded upon successful completion of 138 credit hours, 129 credits of common course work on both tracks. Also, students are required to take 9 credits of electives courses in their respective tracks.