Advisory Board

The Aviation Management Advisory Board (AMAB)

The Aviation Management Advisory Board (AMAB) comprises leading members of the business community and senior professionals from the aviation industry. The primary objective of the AMAB is the development of active linkages with stakeholders who are able to provide:

  • Guidance on the Aviation Management curricula.
  • Strategic plan and direction of the Department alignment with market driven curricula.
  • Continuous improvement of all components of the Aviation Management program in line with the Kingdom's 2030 Vision as well as local and international developments in the profession.
  • Efficient and influential scientific research efforts regarding professional practices, and regulatory and legislative policies, at the local, regional and international levels.


  • Mr. Abdulelah Felimban, Director General, Aviation Investigation Bureau, Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Salman, Risk Management Manager, Riyadh Airports, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mr. Emad Shaker, General Director, Shaker Consultants, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mr. Fahad Al Harbi, President, Saudi Academy of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia.
  • Eng. Fahad Barboud, VP for Aircraft Maintenance, Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries, Saudi Arabia.
  • Dr. Hussain Alhallaf, Security Director, Riyadh Airports, Saudi Arabia.
  • Capt. Mohammed Alsubaiei, Director General, National Aviation Academy, SaudiArabia.