The Bachelor of Science in Finance program provides students with the knowledge that qualifies them to pursue a broad range of careers.

The program recognizes that rigor and precision are essential in the financial practices of today's financial institutions.

There are three tracks for students to choose from: real estate, insurance, and investment.

In addition, the Co-Op and internship options insure that, prior to graduation that Finance majors experience career-related job training. Finance graduates have the full package of knowledge, communications skills and workplace nous to succeed in a broad range of careers.


On behalf of the faculty and admin staff of the Department of Finance, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Finance – Prince Sultan University. The Department of Finance was founded in 2005 and has since awarded more than a thousand bachelor’s degrees. Over 70% of our graduates get employed within the six months of their graduation by the Kingdom’s most recognized institutions and organizations. The remaining 30% of the graduates go on to pursue either higher education at the most prestigious universities abroad or a professional career at some of the Kingdom’s finest institutions. Indeed, many of our graduates have successfully completed the CFA requirements by the time of their graduations.

The Department of Finance offers a bachelor’s degree in Finance as well as an MBA in Finance. Our bachelor’s program curricula are structured and tailored to best suit the recent developments and innovations in the field of Finance. We offer a variety of courses that give our students the opportunity to specialize in one of three Finance tracks: Investment, Real Estate, and Insurance. In addition, as part of our bachelor’s program, students are required to register in the co-op program and work at a locally designated institution for a period of 28 weeks, the equivalent of ten credit hours.

Our faculty members are a distinguished group of researchers and teachers. Most of the faculty members have graduated from globally renowned universities. More importantly, a number of our faculty members come from industry having earned a unique set of knowledge, experience, perspective and skills. The students benefit greatly from their unique experience not only in understanding the relevance of theory and application, but they also receive a practically valuable career advice.

The Department of Finance also hosts the Bloomberg lab, which is equipped with highly advanced computer terminals offering a first-hand empirical and analytical platform along with a comprehensive access to various financial assets categories.

Finally the Department of Finance also invites and hosts, as guest speakers, industry experts from different organizations and institutions, both local and international, to share their experience and advice with our students through interactive workshops.

We look forward to welcoming you in joining us to experience the excellence in education.


Through its faculty, staff and students, the Department of Finance is a proud contributor to the excellent higher educational services provided by Prince Sultan University.

Dr. Ahmad Khasawneh

Chair, Department of Finance