Why Coursera:

Coursera is the world's leading online learning platform. Coursera offers world-class content and credentials from the world’s top universities and companies, drive skill development with role-based learning, and track and benchmark skill proficiency against over 60 million learners.

Learning on Coursera will help you:

Access content from 275+ leading universities and companies, Be part of a community of over 113 million global learners, Help prepare you for your dream job, Maintain essential and critical skills,

If you are a Faculty, Admin or Student at PSU and you want to register on Coursera for Professional Development:

First, sign up for free by visiting Then fill out the form below

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Coursera for Colleges Programs

Follow the guidelines for choosing courses for your students to support your current PSU course.

Coursera offers 3 types of programs:

1- Guided projects

Which are less than 2 or 3 hours of video courses about fundamental programs in creating resumes, designing, or coding for instance.

2- Courses

Which are more than one week in duration.

3- Certificates

Which are Professional certificates and may take more than 7 months to finish

When choosing a Guided project, a Course, or a Certification for your students Kindly note the following: Assessment Guidelines to be Used for the Curricula

1- Guidelines for adding guided projects and the assessment weightage ( Max 5% )

  • One guided project can have a maximum of 3%
  • Selected guided projects per course can have a maximum of 5% counted towards their grades

2- Guidelines for adding courses and the assessment weightage (Max 20%)

  • Any course requiring less than 12 hours, a maximum of 5%
  • If the course requires from 12 hours - 15 hours, a maximum of 10% can be assigned
  • If the course requires 16 hours - 45 hours, a maximum of 15%
  • Any course above 45 hours, a maximum of 20%

3- Guidelines for adding certifications and the assessment weightage (Max 20%)

  • Only one certification that requires greater than 45 hours per course per semester - the certification can be a maximum of 20%
  • If the certification requires 25 - 45 hours, A maximum of 15%
  • If the certification requires less than 25 hours, A maximum of 10%

To register a (guided project, course, certification) for your students fill out the form below

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For inquires

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