To become the leading, non-profit, private university in the Middle East and provide quality education equal to reputable universities in the world, Prince Sultan University ensures the highest excellence standards set by the accrediting bodies and organizations.

The Evaluation and Academic Accreditation Center (EAAC) actively encourages all programs to contribute to global ambitions, participate in national initiatives, and document best educational practices, and exceed quality accreditation standards at Prince Sultan University.

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National Accreditation

Locally, the National Center for Academic Accreditation and evAluation (NCAAA) is responsible for determining standards and procedures for accreditation and quality assurance for postsecondary institutions and programs within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an autonomous body directly responsible to the Higher Council of Education and aims at improving the quality of private and governmental higher education program offerings. The NCAAA accredits Institutions and Programs for all disciplines.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of PSU management, academic and non-academic units, orchestrated by the EAAC, PSU currently has merited NCAAA accreditation for the institution and its 11 programs. More recent degree programs are prepping for their turns for NCAAA accreditation.

    Institutional Accreditation
  • Prince Sultan University2017-2024
  • Prince Sultan University2010-2017
    Program Accreditation
  • Architecture Engineering Program2020-2027
  • Construction Engineering Management Program2020-2027
  • Interior Design Engineering Program2020-2024
  • Production and Manufacturing Engineering Management Program2020-2024
  • Communications and Networks Engineering Program2020-2024
  • Law Program2016-2023
  • Translation Program2016-2023
  • Applied Linguistics Program2016-2023
  • Marketing Program2015-2022
  • Finance Program2015-2022
  • Accounting Program2015-2022
  • Information Systems Program2013-2020
  • Computer Science Program2013-2020

*For more information on the local accrediting body please visit, NCAAA Accreditation Website

International Accreditation

PSU is continuously working towards International Accreditations such as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

ABET CAC Accredited
    ABET CAC Accreditation
  • Computer Science Program2020-2026
  • Information Systems Program2020-2026

AACSB Business Accredited
      AACSB Accreditation
    • College of Business Administration2021-2026

Institutional Recognitions


College of Business Administration


Institutional - Accredited

11 Programs - Accredited

PSU Statistics

PSU was the first private university to receive full institutional accreditation from NCAAA.
Program Accreditation